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Journal of African American Studies

Journal of African American Studies 1/2020

Issue 1/2020

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

07-12-2019 | ARTICLES | Issue 1/2020

You Blind? What, You Can’t See That?: the Impact of Colorblind Attitude on Young Adults’ Activist Behavior Against Racial Injustice and Racism in the U.S.

Kendell A. Daughtry, Valerie Earnshaw, Robin Palkovitz, Bahira Trask

30-10-2019 | ARTICLES | Issue 1/2020

Nature and Black Femininity in Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God and Tell My Horse

Alessandra Albano

30-10-2019 | ARTICLES | Issue 1/2020

Using Qualitative Interpretive Meta-Synthesis to Explore Colorist Privilege

Latocia Keyes, Jandel Crutchfield, Betty C. Tonui

19-11-2019 | ARTICLES | Issue 1/2020

Stereotype Threat and Psychosocial Outcomes Among African Americans: A Population-Based Approach

Arthur L. Whaley

28-11-2019 | ARTICLES | Issue 1/2020

The DuBoisian Talented Tenth: Reviewing and Assessing Mulatto Colorism in the Post-DuBoisian Era

Ronald E. Hall

23-01-2020 | ARTICLES | Issue 1/2020

African American Consciousness

Leonard Stone

30-01-2020 | ARTICLES | Issue 1/2020

Swap and Formation of Diasporic Identities in Amiri Baraka’s Theater: from Afrocentric Leanings to a Pan-Africanist Worldview

Samy Azouz

22-01-2020 | ARTICLES | Issue 1/2020

Early Childhood Experiences of Black Children in a Diverse Midwestern Suburb

Avery Kenly, Amanda Klein

15-02-2020 | ARTICLES | Issue 1/2020

Afro-Brazilian Women YouTubers’ Use of African-American Media Representations to Promote Social Justice in Brazil

Gladys Mitchell-Walthour

11-02-2020 | COMMENTARY | Issue 1/2020

Do Black Students Need African American Teachers: Commentary on Prescod-Weinstein

Walter E. Block

10-02-2020 | COMMENTARY | Issue 1/2020

Kobe: a Basketball Farewell

Judson L. Jeffries

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