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Journal of African American Studies

Journal of African American Studies 4/2018

Issue 4/2018

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

21-11-2018 | ARTICLES | Issue 4/2018

Examining the Mentoring Approaches of African-American Mentors

Joi-Lynn Mondisa

21-11-2018 | ARTICLES | Issue 4/2018

Political Mobilization and Empowerment in the Rural Alabama Black Belt: A Comparative Analysis of Sumter and Greene Counties

Michael L. Clemons

12-11-2018 | ARTICLES | Issue 4/2018

Systemic Racism as a Living Text: Implications of Uncle Tom’s Cabin as a Fictionalized Narrative of Present and Past Black Bodies

Erin Jamieson

14-11-2018 | ARTICLES | Issue 4/2018

Exploring Childhood Obesity Perceptions Among Caregivers of African American Children

Dayna S. Alexander, Moya L. Alfonso, Dziyana Nazaruk

16-11-2018 | ARTICLES | Issue 4/2018

The Experience of Infertility Among African American Couples

Laura C. Taylor

15-11-2018 | ARTICLES | Issue 4/2018

The Practical and Experiential Reality of Racism: Carter’s and Corlett’s Realism About Race and Racism

Polycarp Ikuenobe

15-11-2018 | ARTICLES | Issue 4/2018

When Men Give Birth to Intimacy: the Case of Jay-Z’s “4:44”

Antonia Randolph

12-11-2018 | FILM REVIEW | Issue 4/2018

(Un)Learning Hollywood’s Civil Rights Movement: a Scholar’s Critique

Tiyi M. Morris

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