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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing

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29-05-2020 | Original Research

SDFEM for singularly perturbed boundary-value problems with two parameters

In this article, we study the convergence of the streamline-diffusion finite element method (SDFEM) for singularly perturbed boundary-value problem with two parameters. We prove that the SDFEM is uniformly convergent in the discrete SD-norm, of …

28-05-2020 | Original Research

Positive solutions of nonlocal fractional boundary value problem involving Riemann–Stieltjes integral condition

In this paper, we investigate the existence of positive solutions for a nonlocal fractional boundary value problem involving Caputo fractional derivative and nonlocal Riemann–Stieltjes integral boundary condition. By using the spectral analysis of …

26-05-2020 | Original Research

On existence, uniqueness and Ulam’s stability results for boundary value problems of fractional iterative integrodifferential equations

The author’s aim in the given paper is to study local existence, uniqueness, Ulam–Hyers stability and generalized Ulam–Hyers stability of solutions for boundary value problems of fractional iterative integrodifferential equations. The successive …

26-05-2020 | Original Research

A novel iterative solution for time-fractional Boussinesq equation by reproducing kernel method

In this study, iterative reproducing kernel method (RKM) will be applied in order to observe the effect of the method on numerical solutions of fractional order Boussinesq equation. Hilbert spaces and their kernel functions, linear operators and …

21-05-2020 | Original Research

Comparative study of distance-based graph invariants

The investigation on relationships between various graph invariants has received much attention over the past few decades, and some of these research are associated with Graffiti conjectures (Fajtlowicz and Waller in Congr Numer 60:187–197, 1987) …

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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing (JAMC) is a broad-based journal covering all branches of computational or applied mathematics with special encouragement to researchers in theoretical computer science and mathematical computing. It covers all major areas, such as numerical analysis, discrete optimization, linear and nonlinear programming, theory of computation, control theory, theory of algorithms, computational logic, applied combinatorics, coding theory, cryptograhics, fuzzy theory with applications, differential equations with applications.

JAMC features research papers in all branches of mathematics which have some bearing on the application to scientific problems, including areas of actuarial science, mathematical biology, mathematical economics and finance.

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