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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing

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08-05-2021 | Original Research

Solution of nonlinear boundary value problem by S-iteration

In this paper we import a novel approach to solve the non-linear fourth order boundary value problem. The basic strategy depends on integral operator equation which includes Green’s function and fixed point iteration. To ensure the method, three …

02-05-2021 | Original Research

The energy of some tree dendrimers

The concept of energy of a graph was first introduced by I. Gutman [5] in 1978. The energy E(G) of a simple graph G is defined to be the sum of the absolute values of the eigenvalues of G. The tree dendrimer d(n, k) is a finite connected cycle …

28-04-2021 | Original Research

Single-machine due-date assignment scheduling with generalized earliness-tardiness penalties including proportional setup times

This paper studies the single-machine due-date assignment problem with past-sequence-dependent setup times (denoted by $$ST_{psd}$$ S T psd ). Under common due-date (denoted by CON-DD) assignment, slack due-date (denoted by SLK-DD) and different …

27-04-2021 | Original Research

Two delayed commensalism models with noise coupling and interval biological parameters

In this contribution, two delayed commensalism models with noise coupling and interval biological parameters are constructed, in which the positive and negative intrinsic growth rates of commensal species are respectively considered. Two sets of …

26-04-2021 | Original Research

Convergence analysis of two-step inertial Douglas-Rachford algorithm and application

Monotone inclusion problems are crucial to solve engineering problems and problems arising in different branches of science. In this paper, we propose a novel two-step inertial Douglas-Rachford algorithm to solve the monotone inclusion problem of …

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Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computing (JAMC) is a broad-based journal covering all branches of computational or applied mathematics with special encouragement to researchers in theoretical computer science and mathematical computing. It covers all major areas, such as numerical analysis, discrete optimization, linear and nonlinear programming, theory of computation, control theory, theory of algorithms, computational logic, applied combinatorics, coding theory, cryptograhics, fuzzy theory with applications, differential equations with applications.

JAMC features research papers in all branches of mathematics which have some bearing on the application to scientific problems, including areas of actuarial science, mathematical biology, mathematical economics and finance.

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