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Journal of Business and Psychology

Issue 4/2022

Content (13 Articles)

Original Paper

Stressors and Social Resources at Work: Examining the Buffering Effects of LMX, POS, and Their Interaction on Employee Attitudes

Andra Serban, Alex L. Rubenstein, Frank A. Bosco, Christopher S. Reina, Leah K. Grubb

Open Access Original Paper

Applicant Reactions to Digital Selection Methods: A Signaling Perspective on Innovativeness and Procedural Justice

Nicholas Folger, Prisca Brosi, Jutta Stumpf-Wollersheim, Isabell M. Welpe

Original Paper

Using a Generalizable Photo-Coding Methodology for Assessing Organizational Culture Artifacts

Zinta S. Byrne, Kelly A. Cave, Steven D. Raymer

Original Paper

The Interaction Between Conscientiousness and General Mental Ability: Support for a Compensatory Interaction in Task Performance

Alexandra M. Harris-Watson, Mei-Chuan Kung, Michael C. Tocci, Anthony S. Boyce, Jeff A. Weekley, Nigel Guenole, Nathan T. Carter