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Journal of Business and Psychology 5/2022
Journal of Business and Psychology

Issue 5/2022


Table of Contents (12 Articles)

08-01-2022 | Original Paper

The Job Engagement Scale: Development and Validation of a Short Form in English and French
Simon A. Houle, Bruce Louis Rich, Caitlin A. Comeau, Ann-Renée Blais, Alexandre J. S. Morin

22-02-2022 | Original Paper

Open-Minded Discussion in Organizations: A Meta-Analytic Evaluation of Cooperation and Competition Theory
Dean Tjosvold, Xin Zhang, Wen-Dong Li, Alfred Shiu-ho Wong, Kaili Yu

01-03-2022 | Original Paper

The Relative Importance and Interaction of Contextual and Methodological Predictors of Mean rWG for Work Climate
Michael J. Burke, Kristin Smith-Crowe, Maura I. Burke, Ayala Cohen, Etti Doveh, Shuhua Sun

26-01-2022 | Original Paper

A Meta-Analysis of Task and Training Characteristics that Contribute to or Attenuate the Effectiveness of the After-Action Review (or Debrief)
Nathanael L. Keiser, Winfred Arthur, Jr.

09-10-2021 | Original Paper

Conflict Behaviors Mediate Effects of Manipulated Leader-Member Exchange on Team-Oriented Outcomes
Keaton A. Fletcher, Michael T. Brannick

Open Access 28-01-2022 | Original Paper

When Thinking About Work Makes Employees Reach for Their Devices: A Longitudinal Autoregressive Diary Study
Clara Heissler, Marcel Kern, Sandra Ohly

Open Access 08-11-2021 | Original Paper

The General Factor of Personality (GFP) and Vocational Interests: a Test of Social Effectiveness at the Behavioral and Genetic Level
Dimitri van der Linden, Curtis S. Dunkel, Eveline J. De Zeeuw, Peiqian Wu, Dirk H. M. Pelt

02-02-2022 | Original Paper

When Is Silence Golden? A Meta-analysis on Antecedents and Outcomes of Employee Silence
Leilei Hao, Hui Zhu, Yuqian He, Jinyun Duan, Teng Zhao, Hui Meng

16-01-2022 | Original Paper

Minding the ($500,000) Gap: Accounting for the Gender-Driven Gap in Executive Severance Agreements
Kelsey E. Medeiros, Jennifer A. Griffith, Stephan D. Shipe, Matthew P. Crayne, Rachel Campagna, Tristan McIntosh

27-01-2022 | Original Paper

It’s a Matter of Organizational Pride: How Perceptions of Organizational Virtuousness and Competence Affect Employee Behaviors
Rachel E. Sturm, Phillip M. Jolly, Scott D. Williams

23-01-2022 | Original Paper

Stop With the Questions Already! Does Data Quality Suffer for Scales Positioned Near the End of a Lengthy Questionnaire?
Nathan A. Bowling, Anthony M. Gibson, Justin A. DeSimone

20-01-2022 | Author Correction

Correction to: Organizational Benefits of Onboarding Contingent Workers: an Anchoring Model Approach
Claire E. Smith, Russell A. Matthews, Maura J. Mills, Yeong‑Hyun Hong, Stacy Sim

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