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06-08-2022 | Original Paper

Are Biasing Factors Idiosyncratic to Measures? A Comparison of Interpersonal Conflict, Organizational Constraints, and Workload

Widespread concern has been raised about the possibility of potential biasing factors influencing the measurement of organizational variables and distorting inferences and conclusions reached about them. Recent research calls for a measure-centric …

05-08-2022 | Original Paper

Keeping Employees Safe During Health Crises: The Effects of Media Exposure, HR Practices, and Age

Occupational health and safety are critical in promoting the wellness of organizations and employees. The COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most life-threatening viruses encountered in recent history, providing a unique opportunity for research to …

01-08-2022 | Original Paper

Picking Sides: Relational Identification as a Moderator of Service Employee Reactions to Unfair Customer Treatment

We explored the question of how employees react to the perceived fairness of their manager’s treatment of customers. Current models of third-party justice reactions produce two tenable but mutually exclusive responses to observed manager-customer …

Open Access 26-07-2022 | Original Paper

How to Induce an Error Management Climate: Experimental Evidence from Newly Formed Teams

An organizational climate of error management is associated with favorable organizational outcomes, including firm success, innovation, and safety. But how can an error management climate be induced? The present research used newly formed teams in …

Open Access 23-07-2022 | Original Paper

Perceived Red Tape and Precursors of Turnover: the Roles of Work Engagement and Career Adaptability

Drawing on job demands-resources theory, we propose that perceived red tape, as a hindrance job demand, triggers attitudinal and behavioral precursors of turnover in employees (turnover intentions and job search behaviors) by reducing their work …

About this journal

The Journal of Business and Psychology (JBP) is an international outlet publishing high quality research designed to advance organizational science and practice. Since its inception in 1986, the journal has published impactful scholarship in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, Work Psychology, Occupational Psychology, and Vocational Psychology.

Typical subject matters include

  • Team processes and effectiveness
  • Customer service and satisfaction
  • Employee recruitment, selection, and promotion
  • Employee engagement and withdrawal
  • Organizational culture and climate
  • Training, development and coaching
  • Mentoring and socialization
  • Performance management, appraisal and feedback
  • Workplace diversity
  • Leadership
  • Workplace health, stress, and safety
  • Employee attitudes and satisfaction
  • Careers and retirement
  • Organizational communication
  • Technology and work
  • Employee motivation and job design
  • Organizational change and development
  • Employee citizenship and deviance
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Work-nonwork/work-family

Rigorous quantitative, qualitative, field-based, and lab-based empirical studies are welcome. Interdisciplinary scholarship is valued and encouraged. Submitted manuscripts should be well-grounded conceptually and make meaningful contributions to scientific understandingsand/or the advancement of science-based practice.

The Journal of Business and Psychology is

- A high quality/impactful outlet for organizational science research

- A journal dedicated to bridging the science/practice divide

- A journal striving to create interdisciplinary connections

In addition to publishing high quality research on a regular basis, every year we will have a special feature edition. For example,

a. A “State of the Practice” edition. This edition would have about 12 pieces (around 3000 words each), typically written by well-known scientist-practitioners. Each peer-reviewed piece would discuss best practices in a particularpractice area that are extremely relevant in today’s business world (e.g., Succession Planning; High Potential Identification). In addition, and most importantly, the piece would discuss the type of research that is needed tohelp in this area from a practice perspective. This would hopefully promote our science/practice ideals and further support the notion of evidence based management.

For details on submittingmanuscripts, please read the author guidelines found in the far right menu.

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