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Journal of Business Ethics

Journal of Business Ethics 1-2/2003

Issue 1-2/2003

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

01-03-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

Confucian Business Ethics and the Economy

Kit-Chun Joanna Lam

01-03-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

About the Organizer of the International Conference on Business and Economic Ethics in the Knowledge Economy

01-03-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

The Nature of and Conditions for Online Trust

Daryl Koehn

01-03-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

Globalization and the Good Corporation: A Need for Proactive Co-existence

S. Prakash Sethi

01-03-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

Consumer Ethics Research: Review, Synthesis and Suggestions for the Future

Scott J. Vitell

01-03-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

Culture and Whistleblowing An Empirical Study of Croatian and United States Managers Utilizing Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions

A. A. Tavakoli, John P. Keenan, B. Cranjak-Karanovic

01-03-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

Ethical Judgment and Whistleblowing Intention: Examining the Moderating Role of Locus of Control

Randy K. Chiu

01-03-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

Perceptions of Business Ethics in a Multicultural Community: The Case of Malaysia

Md. Zabid Abdul Rashid, Jo Ann Ho

01-03-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

Business Students' Perception of Ethics and Moral Judgment: A Cross-Cultural Study

Mohamed M. Ahmed, Kun Young Chung, John W. Eichenseher

01-03-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

Christ and Business Culture: A Study of Christian Executives in Hong Kong

Kam-hon Lee, Dennis P. McCann, MaryAnn Ching

01-03-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

Turnaround, Corruption and Mediocrity: Leadership and Governance in Three State Owned Enterprises in Mainland China

Linfen Jennifer Huang, Robin Stanley Snell

01-03-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

Are Corporate Career Development Activities Les Available to Female Than to Male Expatriates?

Jan Selmer, Alicia S. M. Leung

01-03-2003 | Issue 1-2/2003

How Can We Act Morally in a Merger Process? A Stimulation Based on Implicit Contracts

Olaf Karitzki, Alexander Brink

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