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Journal of Business Ethics

Issue 1/2023

Content (12 Articles)

Original Paper

Methodological Decolonisation and Local Epistemologies in Business Ethics Research

Obaa Akua Konadu-Osei, Smaranda Boroş, Anita Bosch

Open Access Original Paper

Ethical Decision-Making in Indigenous Financial Services: QSuper Case Study

Clare J. M. Burns, Luke Houghton, Deborah Delaney, Cindy Shannon

Original Paper

Activating Corporate Environmental Ethics on the Frontline: A Natural Resource-Based View

Colin B. Gabler, Omar S. Itani, Raj Agnihotri

Open Access Original Paper

Determinants of Supply Chain Engagement in Carbon Management

Katrina Lintukangas, Heli Arminen, Anni-Kaisa Kähkönen, Elina Karttunen

Original Paper

Do Natural Disasters Affect Corporate Tax Avoidance? The Case of Drought

Christofer Adrian, Mukesh Garg, Anh Viet Pham, Soon-Yeow Phang, Cameron Truong

Original Paper

Ethical Perceptions of AI in Hiring and Organizational Trust: The Role of Performance Expectancy and Social Influence

Maria Figueroa-Armijos, Brent B. Clark, Serge P. da Motta Veiga

Open Access Original Paper

Three Paths to Feeling Just: How Managers Grapple with Justice Conundrums During Organizational Change

Julia Zwank, Marjo-Riitta Diehl, Marion Fortin

Open Access Original Paper

Privacy Behaviour: A Model for Online Informed Consent

Gary Burkhardt, Frederic Boy, Daniele Doneddu, Nick Hajli

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