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Journal of Business Ethics

Journal of Business Ethics 2/2010

Issue 2/2010

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-01-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Modelling CSR: How Managers Understand the Responsibilities of Business Towards Society

Esben Rahbek Pedersen

01-01-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Attitudes About Corporate Social Responsibility: Business Student Predictors

Robert W. Kolodinsky, Timothy M. Madden, Daniel S. Zisk, Eric T. Henkel

01-01-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Ethical Attitudes of Accounting Practitioners: Are Rank and Ethical Attitudes Related?

Stephen J. Conroy, Tisha L. N. Emerson, Frank Pons

01-01-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Positive Job Response and Ethical Job Performance

Sean Valentine, Philip Varca, Lynn Godkin, Tim Barnett

01-01-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Investigating Stakeholder Theory and Social Capital: CSR in Large Firms and SMEs

Angeloantonio Russo, Francesco Perrini

01-01-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Ethics Statements of Public Relations Firms: What Do They Say?

Eyun-Jung Ki, Soo-Yeon Kim

01-01-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Predicting the Use of Pirated Software: A Contingency Model Integrating Perceived Risk with the Theory of Planned Behavior

Chechen Liao, Hong-Nan Lin, Yu-Ping Liu

01-01-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Development of Corporate Governance Regulations: The Case of an Emerging Economy

Javed Siddiqui

01-01-2010 | Issue 2/2010

Unethical and Unwell: Decrements in Well-Being and Unethical Activity at Work

Robert A. Giacalone, Mark D. Promislo

01-01-2010 | Issue 2/2010

The Ethics of Food Advertising Targeted Toward Children: Parental Viewpoint

Aysen Bakir, Scott J. Vitell

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