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Journal of Business Ethics 2/2022
Journal of Business Ethics

Issue 2/2022


Table of Contents (12 Articles)

04-01-2021 | Original Paper

Business Ethics and Quantification: Towards an Ethics of Numbers
Gazi Islam

03-01-2021 | Original Paper

Escaping the Fantasy Land of Freedom in Organizations: The Contribution of Hannah Arendt
Yuliya Shymko, Sandrine Frémeaux

05-01-2021 | Original Paper

Legitimacy and Cosmopolitanism: Online Public Debates on (Corporate) Responsibility
Anne Vestergaard, Julie Uldam

04-01-2021 | Original Paper

Place Matters: (Dis)embeddedness and Child Labourers’ Experiences of Depersonalized Bullying in Indian Bt Cottonseed Global Production Networks
Premilla D’Cruz, Ernesto Noronha, Muneeb Ul Lateef Banday, Saikat Chakraborty

03-01-2021 | Original Paper

Should You Buy Local?
Carson Young

02-01-2021 | Original Paper

Hometown Ties and Favoritism in Chinese Corporations: Evidence from CEO Dismissals and Corporate Social Responsibility
Hongjin Zhu, Yue Pan, Jiaping Qiu, Jinli Xiao

16-01-2021 | Original Paper

How do Expatriate Managers Draw the Boundaries of Moral Free Space in the Case of Guanxi?
Tolga Ulusemre, Xin Fang

19-01-2021 | Original Paper

The Influence of Political Regime on State-Level Disciplinary Actions of CPAs Sanctioned by the PCAOB
Abdullah Al-Moshaigeh, Denise Dickins, Julia L. Higgs

02-01-2021 | Original Paper

The Role of Political Prudence and Political Skill in the Political Will and Political Behavior Relationship
Okechukwu Ethelbert Amah

02-01-2021 | Original Paper

Cultural Diversity and Corporate Tax Avoidance: Evidence from Chinese Private Enterprises
Guangyong Lei, Wanwan Wang, Junli Yu, Kam C. Chan

28-01-2021 | Original Paper

The Joint Effect of Ethical Idealism and Trait Skepticism on Auditors’ Fraud Detection
Inez G. F. Verwey, Stephen K. Asare

04-02-2022 | Acknowledgment

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