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Journal of Business Ethics

Issue 2/2023

Content (12 Articles)

Original Paper

Don’t Just Trust Your Gut: The Importance of Normative Deliberation to Ethical Decision-Making at Work

Oyku Arkan, Mahak Nagpal, Tobey K. Scharding, Danielle E. Warren

Original Paper

Handling Whistleblowing Reports: The Complexity of the Double Agent

Nadia Smaili, Wim Vandekerckhove, Paulina Arroyo Pardo

Open Access Original Paper

Theorising the Fiduciary: Ontology and Ethics

Helen J. Mussell

Open Access Original Paper

Nudge Me If You Can! Why Order Ethicists Should Embrace the Nudge Approach

Nikil Mukerji, Adriano Mannino

Open Access Original Paper

The Effect of Ethical Commitment Reminder and Reciprocity in the Workplace on Misreporting

Muhammad Irdam Ferdiansah, Vincent K. Chong, Isabel Z. Wang, David R. Woodliff

Open Access Original Paper

Leadership and Workplace Aggression: A Meta-analysis

Wenrui Cao, Peikai Li, Reine C. van der Wal, Toon W. Taris

Open Access Original Paper

What (If Anything) is Wrong with High-Frequency Trading?

Carl David Mildenberger

Original Paper

Paved with Good Intentions: Self-regulation Breakdown After Altruistic Ethical Transgression

Hongyu Zhang, Xin Lucy Liu, Yahua Cai, Xiuli Sun

Original Paper

Employee Humor Can Shield Them from Abusive Supervision

Mingpeng Huang, Dong Ju, Kai Chi Yam, Shengming Liu, Xin Qin, Guangdi Tian

Original Paper

Performance Pressure and Employee Expediency: The Role of Moral Decoupling

Julie N. Y. Zhu, Long W. Lam, Yan Liu, Ning Jiang

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