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Journal of Business Ethics

Journal of Business Ethics 3/2021

Issue 3/2021

Table of Contents ( 13 Articles )

25-05-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

Strategies for Social and Environmental Disclosure: The Case of Multinational Gambling Companies

Tiffany Cheng-Han Leung, Robin Stanley Snell

06-06-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

Can You Drink Money? Integrating Organizational Perspective-Taking and Organizational Resilience in a Multi-level Systems Framework for Sustainability Leadership

Gerson Francis Tuazon, Rachel Wolfgramm, Kyle Powys Whyte

12-06-2019 | Review Paper | Issue 3/2021

A Dynamic Review of the Emergence of Corporate Social Responsibility Communication

Nataša Verk, Urša Golob, Klement Podnar

17-06-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

Tensions and Struggles in Tackling Bribery at the Firm Level: Perspectives from Buddhist-Enacted Organizational Leaders

Mai Chi Vu

17-06-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

Drivers and Inhibitors of Internet Privacy Concern: A Multidimensional Development Theory Perspective

Weiyin Hong, Frank K. Y. Chan, James Y. L. Thong

18-06-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

The General Data Protection Regulation in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism

Jane Andrew, Max Baker

20-06-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

Compliance Dynamism: Capturing the Polynormative and Situational Nature of Business Responses to Law

Yunmei Wu, Benjamin van Rooij

22-06-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

Social Capital and Managers’ Use of Corporate Resources

Ziqi Gao, Leye Li, Louise Yi Lu

27-06-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

Inching to Impact: The Demand Side of Social Impact Investing

Susan D. Phillips, Bernadette Johnson

31-07-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

Hybrid Harvesting Strategies to Overcome Resource Constraints: Evidence from Social Enterprises in Kenya

Giacomo Ciambotti, Matteo Pedrini

19-08-2019 | Original Paper | Issue 3/2021

Managing Tensions and Divergent Institutional Logics in Firm–NPO Partnerships

Alireza Ahmadsimab, Imran Chowdhury

12-08-2020 | Book Review | Issue 3/2021

Review of Business, Power and Sustainability in a World of Global Value Chains by Stefano Ponte

Zed Books, London, UK, 2019, 273 pp, ISBN 978-1-7869-9260-4
Shikha Dagar

04-01-2021 | Correction | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

Correction to: Can a Good Person be a Good Trader? An Ethical Defense of Financial Trading

Marta Rocchi, David Thunder

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