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Journal of Business Ethics

Issue 3/2023

Content (12 Articles)

Original Paper

Rebellion Under Exploitation: How and When Exploitative Leadership Evokes Employees’ Workplace Deviance

Yijing Lyu, Long-Zeng Wu, Yijiao Ye, Ho Kwong Kwan, Yuanyi Chen

Original Paper

Local Corruption and Trade Credit: Evidence from an Emerging Market

Wenwu Cai, Xiaofeng Quan, Gary Gang Tian

Open Access Original Paper

Offshore Outsourcing from a Catholic Social Teaching Perspective

Gregorio Guitián, Alejo José G. Sison

Open Access Original Paper

Exploring the Effectiveness of Sustainability Measurement: Which ESG Metrics Will Survive COVID-19?

Jill Atkins, Federica Doni, Andrea Gasperini, Sonia Artuso, Ilaria La Torre, Lorena Sorrentino

Open Access Original Paper

Developing, Validating, and Applying a Measure of Human Quality Treatment

Peter McGhee, Jarrod Haar, Kemi Ogunyemi, Patricia Grant

Open Access Original Paper

Exploring and Expanding Supererogatory Acts: Beyond Duty for a Sustainable Future

Gareth R. T. White, Anthony Samuel, Robert J. Thomas

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