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Journal of Business Ethics

Issue 4/2023

Special Issue on Coevolution of Strategy, Innovation and Ethics: The China Story and Beyond

Content (8 Articles)

Original Paper

Coevolution of Strategy, Innovation and Ethics

Liang Wang, Justin Tan

Original Paper

Industry Reputation Crisis and Firm Certification: A Co-evolution Perspective

Yanying Chen, Liang Ping, Feng Helen Liang

Original Paper

MNEs’ Ambidexterity Strategies and Moral Conflicts: The Case of Google in China

Shuxin Zhong, Xiaoyang Zhao, Juan Song

Original Paper

Attention-Based Constraint to MNC Coevolution in China's Changing Stakeholder Environment

Meng Zhao, Xufei Ma, Seung Ho Park, Lingli Luo

Original Paper

Signaling Effects of CSR Performance on Cross-border Alliance Formation

Ding Wang, Jiang Wei, Niels Noorderhaven, Yang Liu

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