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Journal of Chinese Political Science

Journal of Chinese Political Science 2/2018

Issue 2/2018

Table of Contents ( 14 Articles )

19-09-2016 | RESEARCH ARTICLE | Issue 2/2018

How Does Voting in Village Elections Influence Democratic Assessment in China?

Yingnan Joseph Zhou

28-03-2017 | RESEARCH ARTICLE | Issue 2/2018

Who Cares About Procedural Fairness? An Experimental Approach to Support for Village Elections

Jennifer R. Wilking, Guang Zhang

07-10-2016 | RESEARCH ARTICLE | Issue 2/2018

A Disappearing Act: the Evolution of China’s Administrative Detention System

Stephen Noakes

28-02-2017 | RESEARCH ARTICLE | Issue 2/2018

China’s Bureaucracy in the Open-Door Legislation: the Labor Contract Law in Focus

Chelsea C. Chou

30-11-2016 | RESEARCH ARTICLE | Issue 2/2018 Open Access

Don’t Cry for me “Argenchina”: Unraveling Political Views of China through Legislative Debates in Argentina

Francisco Urdinez, Jan Knoerich, Pedro Feliú Ribeiro

05-01-2017 | RESEARCH ARTICLE | Issue 2/2018

Oscillation of Two Giants: Sino-Nigeria Relations and the Global South

Dele Seteolu, Abdul-Gafar Tobi Oshodi

27-03-2018 | REVIEW ESSAY | Issue 2/2018

Political Science and Chinese Political Studies—Where Is Chinese Political Science Headed?

Sujian Guo

15-03-2018 | Book Review | Issue 2/2018

Robert S. Ross and Øystein Tunsjø, eds., Strategic Adjustment and The Rise of China: Power and Politics in East Asia

(Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2017), 304p. $29.93 paperback.
Baogang Guo

12-03-2018 | Book Review | Issue 2/2018

Scott Kennedy, ed. Global Governance and China: The Dragon’s Learning Curve

(New York: Routledge, 2018), 289p. $43.95 paperback.
Kai Sun

19-03-2018 | Book Review | Issue 2/2018

J. Bruce Jacobs and Peter Kang, eds., Changing Taiwanese Identities

(London and New York: Routledge, 2018), 142p. $150 hardcover
Shiping Zheng

13-03-2018 | Book Review | Issue 2/2018

David J. Bulman, Incentivized Development in China: Leaders, Governance, and Growth in China’s Counties

(New York: Cambridge University Press, 2016), 270p., $85 hardcover; $80 e-book
Juan Wang

13-03-2018 | Book Review | Issue 2/2018

Liang Qiao, Political Mobility of Chinese Regional Leaders: Performance, Preference, Promotion

(New York: Routledge Contemporary China Series, 2018), 185p. $108 hardcover; $56 e-book.
Hok Wong Cheung

22-03-2018 | Book Review | Issue 2/2018

Christian P. Sorace, Shaken Authority: China’s Communist Party and the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake

Ithaca, New York: Cornell University Press, 2017, 231p. $45.00 hardcover
Taiyi Sun

03-04-2018 | Book Review | Issue 2/2018

Bin Xu, The Politics of Compassion: The Sichuan Earthquake and Civic Engagement in China

(Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2017), 254p. $73.00 Hardcover; $26 Paperback; $15 e-Book
Huan Gao

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