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Journal of Chinese Political Science

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25-11-2020 | Book Review

Sino-Pakistani Relations: Politics, Military and Regional Dynamics, Filippo Boni

(London & New York: Routledge, 2020), 186p. $124.77 hardback; $38.46 eBook

02-11-2020 | Book Review

Daniel A. Bell & Pei Wang, Just Hierarchy: Why Social Hierarchies Matter in China and the Rest of the World

(Princeton, NI and Oxford, UK: University of Princeton Press, 2020). 288 p.

28-10-2020 | Research Article

From Globalization to Regionalization: The United States, China, and the Post-Covid-19 World Economic Order

The Covid-19 pandemic has intensified the debate among optimists, pessimists, and centrists about whether the world economic order is undergoing a fundamental change. While optimists foresee the continuation of economic globalization after the …

23-10-2020 | Research Article

The Sincerest Form of Flattery: Nationalist Emulation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

As COVID-19 rapidly spread across the globe, every government in the world has been forced to enact policies to slow the spread of the virus. While leaders often claim responses are based on the best available advice from scientists and public …

20-10-2020 | Research Article

The Role and Logic of Nontraditional Security in China’s Engagement in Global Governance Mechanisms under Xi Jinping’s Regime

With the emergence of a series of global security incidents, scholars and observers have placed increasing importance on nontraditional security (NTS). Since 2012, Xi Jinping’s regime has emphasized NTS issues and cooperation, which begs the …

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The Journal of Chinese Political Science (JCPS) is a refereed academic journal that publishes theoretical, policy, and empirical research articles on Chinese politics across the whole spectrum of political science.

Coverage in the journal emphasizes Chinese domestic politics and foreign policy in comparative perspectives. The journal also features papers on different aspects of contemporary China when these relate closely to Chinese politics, political economy, political culture, reform and opening, development, the military, law and legal system, foreign relations, and other important issues of political significance.

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