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06-08-2019 | Research Article

Social Desirability of Dissent: an IAT Experiment with Chinese University Students

Researchers have been wary about social desirability of approval in authoritarian countries, namely, the tendency for people to overreport their regime support. Few have studied the social desirability of dissent, the reverse tendency for people …

05-07-2019 | Book Review

Chen, Ling. Manipulating Globalization: The Influence of Bureaucrats on Business in China

(Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2018), 232p. $50 hardback

13-04-2019 | Research Article

Mainstream IR Theoretical Perspectives and Rising China Vis-À-Vis the West: The Logic of Conquest, Conversion and Socialisation

The aim of this article is to critically examine how the mainstream International Relations (IR) theoretical perspectives — realist, liberalist, and constructivist — make sense of the relationships between Self and Others in explaining the rise of …

25-01-2019 | Review Essay

Social Management or Social Governance: a Review of Party and Government Discourse and why it Matters in Understanding Chinese Politics

The political report given by Xi Jinping at the 19th National Party Congress in late 2017 introduced the concept of “a social governance model based on co-construction, co-governance, and co-sharing.” This essay explores the use and …

15-01-2019 | Research Article

Sino-Caribbean Relations in a Changing Geopolitical Sea

This article focuses on Chinese-Caribbean relations, which have been marked in the early twenty-first century by an increase in bilateral trade and Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) inflows to the region. The relationship has been generally …

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The Journal of Chinese Political Science (JCPS) is a refereed academic journal that publishes theoretical, policy, and empirical research articles on Chinese politics across the whole spectrum of political science.

Coverage in the journal emphasizes Chinese domestic politics and foreign policy in comparative perspectives. The journal also features papers on different aspects of contemporary China when these relate closely to Chinese politics, political economy, political culture, reform and opening, development, the military, law and legal system, foreign relations, and other important issues of political significance.

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