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Journal of Coatings Technology and Research

Journal of Coatings Technology and Research 1/2021

Issue 1/2021

Table of Contents ( 24 Articles )

14-07-2020 | Review Article | Issue 1/2021

Post-anodization methods for improved anticorrosion properties: a review

Telmenbayar Lkhagvaa, Zeeshan Ur Rehman, Dongjin Choi

18-09-2020 | Review Article | Issue 1/2021

A review of microencapsulated thermochromic coatings for sustainable building applications

Pritish Shivanand Aklujkar, Balasubramanian Kandasubramanian

05-11-2020 | Review Article | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Durability of vitreous enamel coatings and their resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and corrosion: a review

Stefano Rossi, Francesca Russo, Massimo Calovi

01-09-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Porous silicon-modified electrode for electrochemical pesticide biosensor

Maha Ayat, Katia Ayouz, Chafiaa Yaddadene, Malika Berouaken, Noureddine Gabouze

19-08-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Facile preparation of fluoroalkyl end-capped vinyltrimethoxysilane oligomer/α, ω-dihydroxy-terminated poly(dimethylsiloxane) composite rubber: application to effective removal of fluorinated aromatic compound from aqueous methanol solution by fluoroalkylated silicone composite rubber

Katsumi Yamashita, Taiga Yokouchi, Hideo Sawada

01-10-2020 | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Dimensional analysis of droplet size and ligament length during high-speed rotary bell atomization

Lutz Gödeke, Walter Oswald, Norbert Willenbacher, Peter Ehrhard

15-09-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Amphiphilically modified self-stratified siloxane-glycidyl carbamate coatings for anti-icing applications

AliReza Rahimi, Morgan Murphy, Vinod Upadhyay, Kinza Faiyaz, Dante Battocchi, Dean C. Webster

29-09-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Photoreactivity study of photoinitiated free radical polymerization using Type II photoinitiator containing thioxanthone initiator as a hydrogen acceptor and various amine-type co-initiators as hydrogen donors

Yung-Chung Chen, Ting-Yu Liu, Yan-Heng Li

10-08-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Effects of colloidal silica on the properties of POSS-containing fluorinated poly(styrene–acrylate)/SiO2 composite materials

Wenbo Liao, Liuyong Zou, Shaona Zheng, Lili Zhao, Xiangxuan Huang, Lingyun Ye, Guoyu Zhong

09-10-2020 | Issue 1/2021

In situ preparation and properties of waterborne polyurethane/edge-isocyanated hexagonal boron nitride composite dispersions

Huixiang Liu, Weiju Hao, Yixiu Qin

01-09-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Specific crosslinking effects of poly(epichlorohydrin)-triol on urethane polymer matrix of castor seed oil-based coatings

T. O. Siyanbola, R. Enishetty, R. Kumar, O. O. James, G. I. Olasehinde, S. Kaki, R. Narayan, K. V. S. N. Raju

01-09-2020 | Issue 1/2021

DSC and TGA characterization of free and surface water of colloidal unimolecular polymer (CUP) particles for coatings applications

Peng Geng, Sagar Vijay Gade, Michael Roy Van De Mark

01-09-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Flame-retardant coatings for rigid polyurethane foam based on mixtures of polysaccharides and polyborate

Isao Tsuyumoto

09-09-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Modifying of UHMWPE fishing nets with layer-by-layer deposition method for antifouling properties

Gülşah Ekin Kartal, Ayşe Merih Sarıışık

08-09-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Morphology-dependent optical and wetting behavior of GLAD PTFE thin films

Rajnarayan De, S. Maidul Haque, Ranveer Singh, C. B. Basak, S. Jena, J. S. Misal, D. D. Shinde, Tapobrata Som, K. Divakar Rao

09-09-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Effect of the particle sizes of silica on the properties of UV-curing matting coatings

Ziyuan Yang, Jianbing Wu, Guozhang Ma, Caiying Hou, Yanxia Niu, Huafeng Duan, Xiaogang Hao

26-10-2020 | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

The effect of plasma functionalization on the print performance and time stability of graphite nanoplatelet electrically conducting inks

Andrew Claypole, James Claypole, Tim Claypole, David Gethin, Liam Kilduff

08-09-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Deposition of Au and ZnO nanoparticles from concentrated colloidal dispersions in ethanol on glass, polyethylene terephthalate, polystyrene and silicone substrates for manufacturing simple and combined coatings

Vladimir Tatarchuk, Irina Druzhinina, Evgeny Maksimovskii, Sergei Gromilov

21-09-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Influence of functional group content in hydroxyl-functionalized urethane methacrylate oligomers on the crosslinking features of clearcoats

Young-Gun June, Kevin Injoe Jung, Dong Geun Lee, Subin Jeong, Tae-Hee Lee, Young Il Park, Seung Man Noh, Hyun Wook Jung

23-09-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Attributing the crosslinking density to water vapor transmission rate of an acrylic-melamine automotive clearcoat

M. Nasirzadeh, H. Yahyaei, S. M. Lashgari, M. Mohseni

19-10-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Effect of polyethylene wax/soy protein-based dispersion barrier coating on the physical, mechanical, and barrier characteristics of paperboards

Pouya Marzbani, Mohammad Azadfallah, Maryam Yousefzadeh, Farhood Najafi, Ahmad Ali Pourbabaee, Hanna Koivula, Mikko Ritala

15-10-2020 | Issue 1/2021

Synthesis of a novel hyperbranched polyester with carboxyl end groups applied to UV-curable waterborne coating

Jieming Liu, Shaoshun Wang, Qiuping Su, Jiajian He, Yong Li, Jing Xie, Guobin Yi

31-08-2020 | Issue 1/2021 Open Access

Basalt fibers as functional additives in coating of textiles

Carolin Ruffen, Boris Mahltig

06-10-2020 | Correction | Issue 1/2021

Correction to: UV-stable electrocoats for corrosion protection and structural bonding

Christina Bauder, Ulrich Christ, Nadine Göttl, Rolf Nothhelfer-Richter, Dalal Estephan

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