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Journal of Coatings Technology and Research

Issue 1/2023

Content (27 Articles)


Introduction to the special issue

Hadj Benkreira

Analysis of an unsteady quasi-capillary channel flow with time-resolved PIV and RBF-based super-resolution

Manuel Ratz, Domenico Fiorini, Alessia Simonini, Christian Cierpka, Miguel A. Mendez

Development of thin electrode layers by spray coating for solid oxide cells

Marijke Jacobs, Leif Olav Jøsang, Vijay Rangasamy, Vesna Middelkoop

Open Access

Deep learning study of induced stochastic pattern formation in the gravure printing fluid splitting process

Pauline Brumm, Nicola Ciotta, Hans Martin Sauer, Andreas Blaeser, Edgar Dörsam

Open Access

Challenges of fabricating catalyst layers for PEM fuel cells using flatbed screen printing

Linda Ney, Jakob Hog, Rajveer Singh, Nathalie Göttlicher, Patrick Schneider, Sebastian Tepner, Matthias Klingele, Roman Keding, Florian Clement, Ulf Groos

Review Article

Usage of heavy metal-free compounds in surface coatings

Dayanand Puthran, Dilip Patil

Review Article

Recent developments in phosphorous-containing bio-based flame-retardant (FR) materials for coatings: an attentive review

Vidhukrishnan E. Naiker, Siddhesh Mestry, Tejal Nirgude, Arjit Gadgeel, S. T. Mhaske

Review Article

Flexible piezoelectric coatings on textiles for energy harvesting and autonomous sensing applications: a review

Anum Rashid, Usman Zubair, Munir Ashraf, Amjed Javid, Hafiz Affan Abid, Saba Akram

Open Access

Comparison of 5- and 6-membered cyclic carbonate-polyisocyanate adducts for high performance coatings

Julia Seithümmer, Philipp Knospe, René Reichmann, Jochen S. Gutmann, Kerstin Hoffmann-Jacobsen, Michael Dornbusch

Open Access

Coupled effect of water absorption and ion transport in hydrated latex anti-corrosion coatings

Yu Ren Zhou, Surya Effendy, Juner Zhu, Michael T. Petr, Colin D. Cwalina, Martin Z. Bazant, Bilge Yildiz, Ju Li, Michael P. Short

Development of nano–magnesium oxide modified hybrid resin system for antimicrobial coating

Ujjal Kumar Dey, Pradipta Sankar Maiti, Tapas Koley, Tapan Kumar Dhar, Tirthankar Jana

Intumescent alkali silicate and geopolymer coatings against hydrocarbon fires

Burak Ulusoy, Aixiao Fu, Hafeez Ahmadi, Kim Dam-Johansen, Hao Wu

Open Access

Large area, stretchable, wearable, screen-printed carbon heaters for use in elite sport

Andrew Claypole, James Claypole, Jonathan Leeder, Greg Stevens, Fiona Johnson, Neil Bezodis, Matt Parker, Tim Claypole, David Gethin, Liam Kilduff

Open Access

Formulation and characterization of polyester-lignite composite coated slow-release fertilizers

Gunaratnam Abhiram, Peter Bishop, Paramsothy Jeyakumar, Miles Grafton, Clive E. Davies, Murray McCurdy

One-step synthesis of epoxy-based silicon prepolymers and its application in UV-curable coating

Fuping Bian, Xiaoquan Li, Jihe Zhao, Jiwen Hu, Xuefeng Gui, Shi Li, Shudong Lin

Anticorrosive properties of a superhydrophobic coating based on an ORMOSIL enhanced with MCM-41-HDTMS nanoparticles for metals protection

Erik Uc-Fernández, Jorge González-Sánchez, Alejandro Ávila-Ortega, Yamile Pérez-Padilla, J. Manuel Cervantes-Uc, Javier Reyes-Trujeque, William A. Talavera-Pech

Biofilm-inhibiting nanocomposite coatings on surgical sutures: durability and mechanistic insights

R. Subasri, Ramay Patra, Manisha Yadav, Deepak Kumar, Birru Bhaskar, K. R. C. Soma Raju, Subhash Tanwar, Susmita Chaudhuri, Prashant Garg

Influence of different photoinitiatiors in the UV-LED curing of polyester acrylated varnishes

Ricardo Dossin, Alessandra Lavoratti, Rodrigo Cercena, Alexandre Gonçalves Dal-bó, Matheus Vinicius Gregory Zimmermann, Ademir José Zattera

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