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Journal of Coatings Technology and Research

Issue 3/2023

Content (25 Articles)

Review Article

Advance of design and application in self-healing anticorrosive coating: a review

Shasha He, Yijian Gao, Xinghou Gong, Chonggang Wu, Hongyu Cen

CoaST Maritime Test Centre: an investigation of biofouling propensity

Morten L. Pedersen, Burak Ulusoy, Claus E. Weinell, Frederikke B. Zilstorff, Songgeng Li, Kim Dam-Johansen

Coffee/polydimethylsiloxane composite coating for preventing marine biofouling

Limei Tian, Jianfu Wang, Yue Yin, Wei Bing, Wenbo Du, Huichao Jin

Production and application of biochar in a UV radiation-curable epoxy paint as a substitute for graphite

Júlio Marchesini, Daniele Perondi, Marcos Vinícius Marocco, Valéria Grabas Pellizzoni, Gustavo Onzi Carberlon, Marcelo Godinho, Diego Piazza

Covalent immobilization of xylanase and lysing complex into polymer scaffolds with long-term activity retention

Ryan W. Baker-Branstetter, Mairead E. Bartlett, Scott A. Shuler, Reid E. Messersmith

A parameterized deposition rate model of electrostatic spraying rotating bell atomizer

Peilun Zhang, Weiguo Gao, Chen Zhao, Xuhao Wang, Xiangzhi Meng

Optimized curing and coating of smart paints for surface temperature measurements

Ju-Hun Ahn, Jin Yeon Cho, Jeong Ho Kim, Chang-Yull Lee

Preparation of modified montmorillonite/graphene oxide composites to enhance the anticorrosive performance of epoxy coatings

Quanxian Hua, Ben Jing, Mengyuan He, Panfei Sun, Qiang Zhao, Shilong Su, Guanjie Hu, Dehai Ping, Songjie Li

Polydopamine-AgNPs coated acrylic fabric for antimicrobial and antioxidant textiles

Esam S. Allehyani, Yaaser Q. Almulaiky, Sami A. Al-Harbi, Reda M. El-Shishtawy

Corrosion protection ability of hydrophobic zinc based coordination polymers on mild steel surface

Yeeshu Kumar, Shardeshu Pandey, Saksham Yashpal, Chinthakuntla Mahendar, Vinay Kumar Pandey, Abul Kalam, Mrigendra Dubey

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