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Journal of Coatings Technology and Research

Journal of Coatings Technology and Research 6/2020

Issue 6/2020

Table of Contents ( 17 Articles )

15-07-2020 | Issue 6/2020

The influence of different shapes and size distributions of coating pigments on packing and dewatering

Jae Y. Shin, Hak Lae Lee

05-08-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Water permeation in coatings

E. Jalilian, H. Terryn, G. Van Assche

23-07-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Ribbing instability of Newtonian fluid coated on a topographic surface

Masato Yamamura

08-07-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Antiwetting and low-surface-energy behavior of cardanol-based polybenzoxazine-coated cotton fabrics for oil–water separation

P. Prabunathan, P. Elumalai, G. Dinesh Kumar, M. Manoj, A. Hariharan, G. Rathika, M. Alagar

06-07-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Intumescent coatings using epoxy, alkyd, acrylic, silicone, and silicone–epoxy hybrid resins for steel fire protection

Andreza P. Cardoso, Stéphanie C. de Sá, Carlos H. M. Beraldo, Gelsa E. N. Hidalgo, Carlos A. Ferreira

22-07-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Impaction of thin films from polar solvent Si/SiOx nanoparticle inks

Sergei S. Bubenov, Sergey G. Dorofeev, Vadim M. Popelensky, Nikolay N. Kononov, Tatyana A. Kuznetsova

15-07-2020 | Issue 6/2020

SiO2-like film deposited by plasma polymerization of HMDSO + O2 using repetitive high voltage pulses

C. Chaiwong, A. Boonrang

31-07-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Preparation and properties of an antimicrobial acrylic coating modified with guanidinium oligomer

Xiaoxue Ding, Fuxiu Chen, Yong Guan, Anna Zheng, Dafu Wei, Xiang Xu

30-06-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Extracts of curcumin-incorporated hybrid sol–gel coatings for the corrosion mitigation of mild steel in 0.5 M HCl

Nur ‘Amirah Ishak, Tuan Sherwyn Hamidon, Tan Zi-Hui, M. Hazwan Hussin

08-09-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Characterization of water-repellent and corrosion-resistant superhydrophobic surfaces on galvanized steel

Thet Htet Naing, Vishnu Rachpech, Somjai Janudom, Narissara Mahathaninwong

22-07-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Hydrophobicity and wear resistance of ceria/PTFE composite coatings

Xiao-yan Shao, Li-na Zhu, Wen Yue, Jia-jie Kang, Guo-zheng Ma, Zhi-qiang Fu, Ding-shun She, Hai-dou Wang, Mei-gui Feng, Cheng-biao Wang

29-07-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Nano-cerium dioxide synergistic potential on abrasion resistance and surface properties of polyurethane-nanocomposite coatings for esthetic and decorative applications on wood

Akbar Mastouri Mansourabad, Mohammad Azadfallah, Asghar Tarmian, Davood Efhami Sisi

10-08-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Effects of different dicarboxylic acid on the UV-curable urethane resins made from palm fatty acid distillate

Kim Teck Teo, Aziz Hassan, Seng Neon Gan

24-06-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Phthalocyanine functionalized poly(vinyl alcohol)s via CuAAC click chemistry and their antibacterial properties

Ilke Gurol, Cagatay Altinkok, Esra Agel, Cihat Tasaltin, Mahmut Durmuş, Gokhan Acik

29-07-2020 | Issue 6/2020

Calculation of coating consumption quota for ship painting: a CS-GBRT approach

Henan Bu, Xingyu Ji, Xin Yuan, Ziyan Han, Lei Li, Zhuwen Yan

10-08-2020 | Brief Communication | Issue 6/2020

Water resistance improvement of paperboard by coating formulations based on nanoscale pigments

Wasin Thitsartarn, Tunyarut Jinkarn

19-09-2020 | Brief Communication | Issue 6/2020

Antibacterial and antifungal properties of clear coating film containing silver–cytokinin complex as a filler

Fumihiko Ohashi, Atsushi Shibahara

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