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Journal of Coatings Technology and Research

Journal of Coatings Technology and Research 6/2021

Issue 6/2021

Table of Contents ( 18 Articles )

17-08-2021 | Issue 6/2021

Polyimide–polyester hybrid UV-curable powder coating

Hamideh M. Shokouhi Mehr, Theodore J. Hammer, Mark D. Soucek

10-09-2021 | Issue 6/2021

UV-curable polyurethane inorganic–organic hybrid coatings

Tong Xu, Irina J. Zvonkina, Mark D. Soucek

03-08-2021 | Issue 6/2021

Nanolatex technology 1: synthesis and characterization of nanosize acrylic latexes and comparison to their conventional size counterparts

Ravi G. Joshi, Frank N. Jones, Theodore Provder, Weidian Shen

02-08-2021 | Issue 6/2021

Consistent determination of the contrast ratio of white inks

Danny C. Rich

10-09-2021 | Issue 6/2021

Assessment of sparkle and graininess in effect coatings using a high-resolution gonioreflectometer and psychophysical studies

Jiří Filip, Radomír Vávra, Martina Kolafová, Frank J. Maile

11-08-2021 | Issue 6/2021

Liquid film stability and contact line dynamics of emulsion liquid films in curtain coating process

Alireza Mohammad Karim, Wieslaw J. Suszynski, Saswati Pujari

10-09-2021 | Issue 6/2021

Effect of humidity on curing of alkoxysilane-functionalized alkyd coatings

Brittany Pellegrene, Mark D. Soucek

10-09-2021 | Issue 6/2021

The influence of methacrylic acid and urethane methacrylate on the film properties of hybrid urethane–acrylic latexes

Anisa Cobaj, Mark D. Soucek

02-08-2021 | Issue 6/2021

Polymerizable allyl anionic and nonionic emulsifier: synthesis and properties of its emulsion for architectural coating

Ye Wang, Yi-en Yuan, Xu-min Zheng, Hao-jia Su, Yong-xin Ji

21-07-2021 | Issue 6/2021

Synthesis of UV-curable polyesters with lateral double bonds by ring-opening polymerization and their properties

Yumei Zhou, Shujie Ming, Liuyan Tang, Jinqing Qu

06-08-2021 | Issue 6/2021

Simplification of interior latex paint using biopolymer to replace rheological additives and calcium carbonate extender

Lei Jong

10-09-2021 | Issue 6/2021

New biodegradable film produced from cocoa shell nanofibrils containing bioactive compounds

Ozana Almeida Lessa, Iasnaia Maria de Carvalho Tavares, Lucas Oliveira Souza, Lucas Galhardo Pimenta Tienne, Matheus Cordazzo Dias, Gustavo Henrique Denzin Tonoli, Eduardo Valério de Barros Vilas Boas, Selma Gomes Ferreira Leite, Melissa Limoeiro Estrada Gutarra, Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Bilal, Marcelo Franco

10-09-2021 | Issue 6/2021 Open Access

Halloysite nanotubes-based nanocomposites for the hydrophobization of hydraulic mortar

Maria Rita Caruso, Bartolomeo Megna, Lorenzo Lisuzzo, Giuseppe Cavallaro, Stefana Milioto, Giuseppe Lazzara

20-09-2021 | Review Article | Issue 6/2021

A review of plasma-based superhydrophobic textiles: theoretical definitions, fabrication, and recent developments

Esmaeil Eslami, Reza Jafari, Gelareh Momen

24-09-2021 | Issue 6/2021

Synthesis, analysis, and application of lactide-based polyester as coating with improved mechanical and rheological behavior

Rushikesh S. Chanpurkar, Gajanan P. Lakhawat, Ruta D. Khonde

10-09-2021 | Issue 6/2021

Integration of antifouling and foul-release moieties for optimizing the performance of PEG-silicone coatings

Jiankun Hu, Haichun Zhang, Baoku Sun, Ading Lu, Guolun Zhong, Zhengfei Chen

10-09-2021 | Issue 6/2021

Synthesis of silicone-acrylic-modified high-ortho novolac resin with enhanced thermal resistance and surface coating properties

Serkan Emik, Tülin Banu İyim, Saadet Özgümüş

30-09-2021 | Issue 6/2021

Influence of iron and nickel on the microwave absorption and other functional properties of nanographite-based nanocomposite paints

Anjali Prakash, Avanish K. Srivastava, Mritunjay Kumar Pandey, Ramamoorthy Nagarajan, Amitava Bhattacharyya

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