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Journal of Combinatorial Optimization

Journal of Combinatorial Optimization 2/2005

Issue 2/2005

Table of Contents ( 7 Articles )

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Finding a Length-Constrained Maximum-Density Path in a Tree

Rung-Ren Lin, Wen-Hsiung Kuo, Kun-Mao Chao

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

A Tighter Extra-Resource Analysis of Online Deadline Scheduling

Tak-Wah Lam, Tusen-Wan Johnny Ngan, Kar-Keung To

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

On-Line Scheduling Algorithms for a Batch Machine with Finite Capacity

Chung Keung Poon, Wenci Yu

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

The Center Location Improvement Problem Under the Hamming Distance

Binwu Zhang, Jianzhong Zhang, Yong He

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Clustering Binary Oligonucleotide Fingerprint Vectors for DNA Clone Classification Analysis

Zhipeng Cai, Maysam Heydari, Guohui Lin

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Power Assignment for k-Connectivity in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

Xiaohua Jia, Dongsoo Kim, Sam Makki, Peng-Jun Wan, Chih-Wei Yi

01-03-2005 | Issue 2/2005

Broadcast Routing with Minimum Wavelength Conversion in WDM Optical Networks

Lu Ruan, Weili Wu

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