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Journal of Computational Electronics

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A complete set of logic gates with an identical single-stage structure based on periodic nature of single-electron devices

In this paper, a new method for implementing all two-input logic gates on an identical single-stage structure is proposed. We have used unique characteristics of single-electron transistors, which have periodic output–input relation, to design the …


Simulation of two-transistor parallel and series circuits for gas sensing validated by experimental data

Organic field effect transistors (OFETs) in parallel and series circuit configurations are simulated and tested for gas sensing activity. The devices are based on PQT12 and PQTS12 organic semiconductor thin films. A two-dimensional finite element …


Mixed CNT bundles as VLSI interconnects for nanoscale technology nodes

The continuous miniaturization of very large-scale integration devices impacts the performance of integrated circuits. The performance of existing interconnect materials such as copper has become saturated beyond the deep-submicron technology …


Design and implementation of miniaturized wideband microstrip patch antenna for high-speed terahertz applications

In the twenty-first century, graphene is widely used in wireless communication, especially in terahertz applications because of its amazing electrical, mechanical, and optical properties. This paper presents a graphene-based microstrip patch …


BSIM3 model parameter extraction and performance analysis of a strained p-MOSFET for digital applications

Strain is one of the conventional methods used to enhance the mobility of carriers in metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs). The strain is generated due to the lattice mismatch between the thin Si layer and underlying SiGe …

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About this journal

The Journal of Computational Electronics brings together research on the full spectrum of modeling and simulation of modern electronics. It addresses optical, electronic, mechanical, and quantum mechanical aspects of the field. Research into the underlying mathematical algorithms and computational details is also highlighted. In addition, the journal examines the related areas of molecular and biological systems in which the thrust is on transport, mechanical, and optical properties. Lastly, the journal draws special attention to the advances and challenges arising from applications in multiscale problems.

Specific areas explored include semiconductor devices, optical devices, process simulation, nano-electro-mechanical systems, mathematical approaches, correlated areas, and open quantum systems.

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