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Journal of Computers in Education

Journal of Computers in Education 2/2021

Issue 2/2021

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

12-09-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Effects of an interest-driven creation approach on students’ mobile learning performance and creativity in learning science in a science museum

Lanqin Zheng, Renxue Liu, Xuan Zhang

15-10-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Incorporating feedback in online cognitive diagnostic assessment for enhancing grade five students’ achievement in ‘time’

Huan Chin, Cheng Meng Chew, Hooi Lian Lim

24-10-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Assessing computational thinking abilities among Singapore secondary students: a Rasch model measurement analysis

Shiau-Wei Chan, Chee-Kit Looi, Bambang Sumintono

02-01-2021 | Issue 2/2021

The effect of basic robotic coding in-service training on teachers’ acceptance of technology, self-development, and computational thinking skills in technology use

Recep Çakır, Hüsnü Şahin, Hasan Balci, Mehmet Vergili

06-02-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Flipping an EFL classroom with the LINE application: students’ performance and perceptions

Mei-Mei Chang, Shu-Wen Lan

10-01-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Development and validation of online cognitive diagnostic assessment with ordered multiple-choice items for ‘Multiplication of Time’

Huan Chin, Cheng Meng Chew, Hooi Lian Lim

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