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Journal of Computing in Higher Education

Research & Integration of Instructional Technology

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A framework to capture the dependency between prerequisite and advanced courses in higher education

Depicting the reason for the mismatch between instructor expectations of students’ performance in advanced courses and their actual performance has been a challenging issue for a long time, which raises the question of why such a mismatch exists.


Automated text detection from big data scene videos in higher education: a practical approach for MOOCs case study

Automated text detection and analysis holds incredible potential for research in higher education. It is challenging because higher education institutes produce an enormous amount and variety of texts, letters, articles, books, reports etc.


IoT text analytics in smart education and beyond

Data Analytics has become an essential part of the Internet of Things (IoT), mainly text analytics-related applications, since they can be utilized to benefit educational institutions, consumers, and enterprises. Text Analytics is excessively used …


Multilayered-quality education ecosystem (MQEE): an intelligent education modal for sustainable quality education

Sustainable quality education is a big challenge even for the developed countries. In response to this, education 4.0 is gradually expanding as a new era of education. This work intends to unfold some hidden parameters that are affecting the …


Learning and development roles and competency domains in higher education: a content analysis of job announcements

Learning and Development (L&D) roles are important to organizations for improving employee’s knowledge and skills. This study examined various roles and competency domains required of learning and development professionals in higher education. Ten …

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Journal of Computing in Higher Education (JCHE) contributes to our understanding of the design, development, and implementation of instructional processes and technologies in higher education. JCHE publishes original research, literature reviews, implementation and evaluation studies, and theoretical, conceptual, and policy papers that provide perspectives on instructional technology’s role in improving access, affordability, and outcomes of postsecondary education. Priority is given to well-documented original papers that demonstrate a strong grounding in learning theory and/or rigorous educational research design.

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