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Journal of Elasticity

The Physical and Mathematical Science of Solids

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Multi-Component Multiphase Flow Through a Poroelastic Medium

An axiomatic development for a continuum description of a multi-component multiphase porous flow in an elastic medium is developed. The Coleman–Noll procedure is used to derive constitutive restrictions which guarantee that the resulting model …


Elastodynamics of Linearized Isotropic State-Based Peridynamic Media

The peridynamic theory has been used to model and simulate numerically various kinds of mechanical behavior of solids. This work is devoted to analytical solutions of the elastodynamic behavior of linearized isotropic state-based peridynamic …


The Symmetries of Octupolar Tensors

Octupolar tensors are third order, completely symmetric and traceless tensors. Whereas in 2D an octupolar tensor has the same symmetries as an equilateral triangle and can ultimately be identified with a vector in the plane, the symmetries that it …

14-01-2019 Open Access

Higher Sobolev Regularity of Convex Integration Solutions in Elasticity: The Planar Geometrically Linearized Hexagonal-to-Rhombic Phase Transformation

In this article we discuss quantitative properties of convex integration solutions arising in problems modeling shape-memory materials. For a two-dimensional, geometrically linearized model case, the hexagonal-to-rhombic phase transformation, we …


Explicit Relaxation of a Two-Well Hadamard Energy

We compute an explicit quasiconvex envelope for a subclass of double-well Hadamard energies which model materials undergoing isotropic-to-isotropic elastic phase transitions. The construction becomes possible because of stability of the entire …

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The main purpose of the Journal of Elasticity is to report original and significant discoveries in elasticity, in the form of full research papers, research notes and well-documented historical essays. Materials which will prove effective in teaching appear as classroom notes. The journal provides a forum for original contributions in the physical and mathematical science of solids and in the broader areas of mechanics, mechanics of materials, and engineering sciences that have a bearing on developments in elasticity. The Journal of Elasticity was founded in 1971 by Marvin Stippes.

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