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Journal of Electronic Materials

Journal of Electronic Materials 1/2020

Issue 1/2020

Special Section: TMS2019 Advanced Microelectronic Packaging, Emerging Interconnection Technology, and Pb-free Solder. Guest Editors: Kazuhiro Nogita, Tae-Kyu Lee, Zhi-Quan Liu, Arif Salleh, Christopher Gourlay, Yan Li, Albert T. Wu. Special Section: TMS2019 Phase Stability, Phase Transformations, and Reactive Phase Formation in Electronic Materials XVIII. Guest Editor: Hiroshi Nishikawa

Table of Contents ( 99 Articles )

11-09-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

The Effect of Ni and Bi Additions on the Solderability of Sn-0.7Cu Solder Coatings

M. I. I. Ramli, M. A. A. Mohd Salleh, M. M. A. Abdullah, P. Narayanan, J. Chaiprapa, R. Mohd Said, S. Yoriya, K. Nogita

13-11-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Low Temperature Cu-to-Cu Bonding in Non-vacuum Atmosphere with Thin Gold Capping on Highly (111) Oriented Nanotwinned Copper

Yu-Ting Wu, Chih Chen

06-11-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Nanomechanical Responses of an Intermetallic Compound Layer in Transient Liquid Phase Bonding Using Indium

Jenn-Ming Song, Wei-Chih Lu, Pei-Wen Chou

11-10-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Effect of Chemical Additives in the Plating Bath on Surface Corrosion Resistance of Ni(P)

C. Y. Wu, Y. H. Chen, Y. K. Tang, E. J. Lin, Y. X. Lin, J. Y. Wang, W. X. Zhuang, C. H. Lee, C. Y. Chiu, C. Y. Yeh, C. Y. Hsiao, M. L. Cheng, A. L. Liu, C. Y. Liu

01-11-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Decomposed Copper(II) Acetate Over Expanded Graphite (EG) as Hybrid Filler to Fabricate Epoxy Based Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)

Sagar Kumar Nayak, Smita Mohanty, Sanjay K. Nayak

05-09-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Lifetime Prediction of Electrochemical Ion Migration with Various Surface Finishes of Printed Circuit Boards

Won Sik Hong, Chulmin Oh

18-09-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Mechanical Reliability of Photovoltaic Cells under Cyclic Thermal Loading

Dipali Sonawane, Praveen C. Ramamurthy, Praveen Kumar

29-10-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

A Study on Electrical and Electrochemical Characteristics of Friction Stir Welded Lithium-Ion Battery Tabs for Electric Vehicles

Omkar Mypati, Debasish Mishra, Suryakanta Sahu, Surjya K. Pal, Prakash Srirangam

29-07-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Surface Diffusion and the Interfacial Reaction in Cu/Sn/Ni Micro-Pillars

H. Y. Yu, T. H. Yang, Y. S. Chiu, C. R. Kao

23-09-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Effect of Thermomigration–Electromigration Coupling on Mass Transport in Cu Thin Films

Nalla Somaiah, Praveen Kumar

12-11-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Tuning Stress in Cu Thin Films by Developing Highly (111)-Oriented Nanotwinned Structure

I-Ju Wang, Ching-Shun Ku, Tu-Ngoc Lam, E-Wen Huang, K. N. Tu, Chih Chen

03-10-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Thermal Preconditioning and Restoration of Bismuth-Containing, Lead-Free Solder Alloys

André M. Delhaise, Polina Snugovsky, Jeff Kennedy, David Hillman, Ivan Matijevic, Stephan Meschter, David Adams, Milea Kammer, Marianne Romansky, Joseph Juarez, Ivan Straznicky, Leonid Snugovsky, Ross Wilcoxon, Doug D. Perovic

10-10-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Properties of CuGa2 Formed Between Liquid Ga and Cu Substrates at Room Temperature

Shiqian Liu, Stuart McDonald, Qinfen Gu, Syo Matsumura, Dongdong Qu, Keith Sweatman, Tetsuro Nishimura, Kazuhiro Nogita

01-10-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Orientation Relationships of Pure Tin on Single Crystal Germanium Substrates

Thomas C. Reeve, Samuel Temple Reeve, Carol A. Handwerker

29-07-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Time Independent Deformation of a Sn-Ag-Bi Pb-Free Solder: Stress–Strain Deformation and Yield Stress Properties

Paul T. Vianco, Bonnie B. McKenzie, Jerome A. Rejent, J. Mark Grazier, Celedonio E. Jaramillo, Alice C. Kilgo

31-07-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Interplay of Wettability, Interfacial Reaction and Interfacial Thermal Conductance in Sn-0.7Cu Solder Alloy/Substrate Couples

Thiago Soares, Clarissa Cruz, Bismarck Silva, Crystopher Brito, Amauri Garcia, José Eduardo Spinelli, Noé Cheung

25-09-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Low-Pressure Silver Sintering of Automobile Power Modules with a Silicon-Carbide Device and an Active-Metal-Brazed Substrate

Won Sik Hong, Mi Song Kim, Chulmin Oh

05-08-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

The Variation of Microstructure and the Improvement of Shear Strength in SAC1205-xNi/OSP Cu Solder Joints Before and After Aging

Collin Fleshman, Jenq-Gong Duh

16-10-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

The Growth of Interfacial IMC Layer in SAC0307 Solder Joints with Specific Grain Orientation Under Electrical and Thermal Coupling Fields

Yu Tian, Limin Ma, Yishu Wang, Fu Guo, Zhijie Sun

22-10-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Thermal, Electrical and Mechanical Properties of Expanded Graphite and Micro-SiC Filled Hybrid Epoxy Composite for Electronic Packaging Applications

Sagar Kumar Nayak, Smita Mohanty, Sanjay K. Nayak

31-10-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Correlation Between the Growth of Voids and Ni3Sn4 Intermetallic Compounds at SnAg/Ni and SnAgCuBiSbNi/Ni Interfaces at Temperatures up to 200°C

Faramarz Hadian, Harry Schoeller, Eric Cotts

30-07-2019 | TMS2019 Microelectronic Packaging, Interconnect, and Pb-free Solder | Issue 1/2020

Effect of Component Flexibility During Thermal Cycling of Sintered Nano-Silver Joints by X-ray Microtomography

Jason J. Williams, Irene Lujan Regalado, Leo Liu, Shailesh Joshi, Nikhilesh Chawla

11-10-2019 | TMS2019 Phase Stability in Electronic Materials | Issue 1/2020

Two-Phase η′ + η Region in Cu6Sn5 Intermetallic: Insight into the Order–Disorder Transition from Diffusion Couples

Christian Wieser, Werner Hügel, Alexander Walnsch, Andreas Leineweber

30-10-2019 | TMS2019 Phase Stability in Electronic Materials | Issue 1/2020

Effect of Multiple Reflowing Processes on Interfacial Reactions and Mechanical Properties between Sn-9.0 wt.%Zn, Sn-3.0 wt.%Ag-0.5 wt.%Cu Solders and Ag Substrate

Chia-Yu Liu, Po-Cheng Kuo, Chih-Ming Chen, Jia-Ying Dai, Yee-Wen Yen, Alberto S. Pasana

21-10-2019 | Editorial Commentary | Issue 1/2020

Thermal Interface Materials

D. D. L. Chung

25-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Al2O3-Doped MoO3-TeO2 Glass as Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries with Long-Term Cycle Life

Jianyu Liu, Guangda Li, Tian Zheng, Yanfei Zhang, Xiangeng Meng, Zhenfeng Guo, Xiaoyun Wei

12-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Synthesis and Characterization of LiCrO2 Thin Films As Potential Cathode Material for Lithium Ion Batteries

H. I. Elsaeedy

29-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Electronic and Magnetic Tunability of SnSe Monolayer via Doping of Transition-Metal Atoms

Jiating Lu, Lishuai Guo, Gang Xiang, Ya Nie, Xi Zhang

18-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Schottky Barrier Parameters and Low-Frequency Noise Characteristics of Au/Ni Contact to n-Type β-Ga2O3

P. R. Sekhar Reddy, V. Janardhanam, Hoon-Ki Lee, Kyu-Hwan Shim, Sung-Nam Lee, V. Rajagopal Reddy, Chel-Jong Choi

29-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Design Optimization for Maximized Thermoelectric Generator Performance

A. Narjis, C.-T. Liang, H. El Aakib, A. Tchenka, A. Outzourhit

31-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

A Simple and Rapid Method to Produce SERS Substrates Using Au Nanoparticles Prepared by Laser Ablation and DVD Template

The Binh Nguyen, Nhu Anh Nguyen, Gia Long Ngo

07-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Theoretical Study on Factors Influencing the Efficiency of D–π′–A′–π–A Isoindigo-Based Sensitizer for Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

Sarinya Hadsadee, Vinich Promarak, Taweesak Sudyoadsuk, Tinnagon Keawin, Nawee Kungwan, Siriporn Jungsuttiwong

18-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Negative Differential Resistance (NDR) Behavior of Nickel Oxide (NiO) Based Metal-Insulator-Semiconductor Structures

Kamruzzaman Khan, Srikanth Itapu, Daniel G. Georgiev

12-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Enhanced Charge Transport and Corrosion Protection Properties of Polyaniline–Carbon Nanotube Composite Coatings on Mild Steel

T. Rajyalakshmi, Apsar Pasha, Syed Khasim, Mohana Lakshmi, M. V. Murugendrappa, Nacer Badi

13-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Wafer Flatness Modeling in Chemical Mechanical Polishing

Chaoyue Zhao, Jianyong Li, Defu Yi, Baozhen Li, Jianguo Cao

14-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

The Effect of SnO2 and ZnO on the Performance of Perovskite Solar Cells

Elham Karimi, Seyed Mohamad Bagher Ghorashi

29-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Investigation on Microstructural, Electrical and Optical Properties of Nd-Doped BaCo0.01Ti0.99O3 Perovskite

K. Madhan, R. Murugaraj

04-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Dual-Band Microwave Sensor for Investigation of Liquid Impurity Concentration Using a Metamaterial Complementary Split-Ring Resonator

Yogita Khanna, Y. K. Awasthi

11-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Perylene Tetracarboxylic Diimide: Characterization and Its Role in the Electrical Properties of an Ag/N-BuHHPDI/PEDOT:PSS/p-Si Heterojunction Device

Muhammad Zeb, Muhammad Tahir, Fida Muhammad, Dil Nawaz Khan, Muhammad Hassan Sayyad, Suhana Mohd Said, Fazal Wahab

23-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

The Aromatic Thermosetting Copolyester for Schottky Diode Applications in a Wide Temperature Range

İkram Orak, Zakir Caldiran, Mete Bakir, Osman S. Cifci, Adem Kocyigit

29-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Effect of Annealing Treatment on Optical and Electrical Properties of PCDTBT:Graphene Hybrid Structure for Photovoltaic Application

Fatma Ben Slama Sweii, Rabeb Bkakri, Hamza Saidi, Abdelaziz Bouazizi

18-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Structural Characterization, Optical Absorption and Electrical Conduction in Ordered Defect Compound Cu3In5Se9 of the Ternary Cu-In-Se Semiconductor System

G. Marín, D. P. Singh, C. Rincón, S. M. Wasim, G. E. Delgado, J. Enríquez, L. Essaleh

23-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Deep-Level Defect Effects on the Low-Temperature Photoexcitation Process in CdZnTe Crystals

Lingyan Xu, Wanqi Jie

11-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Core-Double Shell Nano-hybrids Designed by Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes, Polyaniline and Polythiophenes in PBDT-DTNT:PC61BM Solar Cells

As’ad Alizadeh, Samira Agbolaghi

12-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Ultrasound-Assisted Method for Preparation of Ag2S Nanostructures: Fabrication of Au/Ag2S-PVA/n-Si Schottky Barrier Diode and Exploring Their Electrical Properties

Y. Badali, Y. Azizian-Kalandaragh, Ehsan A. Akhlaghi, Ş. Altındal

16-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Third Order Nonlinear Optical Properties of Piperazine Calcium Chloride (PCC) Crystal to Enhance the Optical Device Applications

R. U. Mullai, D. Sivavishnu, R. ArulJothi, G. Vinitha, S. Gopinath, S. Vetrivel

11-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Elastic and Thermodynamic Properties Prediction of Mg2Sn and MgTe by First-Principle Calculation and Quasi-Harmonic Debye Model

Xin Li, Hui Xie, Bin Yang, Shuangming Li

21-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Impedance Spectroscopy and Conduction Behavior in CoFe2O4-BaTiO3 Composites

S. Shankar, O. P. Thakur, M. Jayasimhadri

22-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Preparation and Field Emission Properties of Single-Crystal CeB6 Tips

Yixin Xiao, Xin Zhang, Hongliang Liu, Jiuxing Zhang

30-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

p-GaN/n-ZnO Nanoplate/CsPbBr3 Quantum Dots Heterojunction Light-Emitting Diode for Dual-Wavelength Emission

Chunxia Wu, Bisheng Yan, Canran Zhang, Hongxiang Zhang, Jiyuan Guo, Su Zhou, Jun Dai

16-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Hydrothermally-Grown TiO2 Thin Film-Based Metal–Semiconductor–Metal UV Photodetector

S. M. Kumbhar, S. K. Shaikh, K. Y. Rajpure

29-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Photoluminescence Investigation on Green-Emitting Tb3+-Doped BaLa2ZnO5 Nanophosphors

Vijay Singh, G. Lakshminarayana, Akshatha Wagh

07-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Upconversion Luminescence and Optical Temperature-Sensing Properties of LaNbO4:Yb3+/Er3+ Phosphors

Xuerui Cheng, Xingbang Dong, Ke Peng, Huanjun Zhang, Yuling Su, Liying Jiang

22-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Investigation of Quaternary Barrier InAlGaN/GaN/AlGaN Double-Heterojunction High-Electron-Mobility Transistors (HEMTs) for High-Speed and High-Power Applications

P. Murugapandiyan, A. Mohanbabu, V. Rajya Lakshmi, Mohammed Wasim, K. Meenakshi Sundaram

29-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

FePt Metallic Nanoparticle Dispersion-Induced Evolution of Resistive Switching Performance in SiO2-Based RRAM Devices

C. Sun, S. M. Lu, F. Jin, W. Q. Mo, J. L. Song, K. F. Dong

11-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Complementary Inverter Circuits Based on p-Cu2O and n-ZTO Thin Film Transistors

M. R. Shijeesh, Pillai Aswathy Mohan, M. K. Jayaraj

18-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Graphene Nanoscroll Geometry Effect on Transistor Performance

Mohammad Taghi Ahmadi, Ramin Ahmadi, Truong Khang Nguyen

15-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

NDR Behavior of a Phosphorous-Doped Double-Gate MoS2 Armchair Nanoribbon Field Effect Transistor

Durgesh Laxman Tiwari, K. Sivasankaran

13-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Ab-Initio Simulations of Monolayer InSe and MoS2 Strain Effect: From Electron Mobility to Photoelectric Effect

Kun Luo, Wen Yang, Yu Pan, Huaxiang Yin, Chao Zhao, Zhenhua Wu

30-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Growth and Thermal Characterization of TbAs Nanoparticles Grown by Inert Gas Condensation

Bo E. Tew, Yuying Zhang, Areej Shahid, Matthew R. Lewis, Chaoying Ni, Joshua M. O. Zide

04-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Transfer of P-type to N-type Thermoelectric Properties of Ag-Sb-Te Thin Film Through Temperature Annealing and Its Electrical Power Generation

Natchanun Prainetr, Athorn Vora-ud, Mati Horprathum, Pennapa Muthitamongkol, Somporn Thaowonkaew, Theerapong Santhaveesuk, Thang Bach Phan, Tosawat Seetawan

04-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Energy Efficiency of Anisotropic Thermoelectric Materials Under Three-Dimensional Conditions

Z.-H. Jin

23-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Structural, Electronic and Thermoelectric Properties of Pb1−xSnxTe Alloys

Abhiyan Pandit, Raad Haleoot, Bothina Hamad

29-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Near-Net-Shape Fabrication of Thermoelectric Legs by Flash Sintering

Masashi Mikami, Yoshiaki Kinemuchi, Kazuya Kubo, Naoki Uchiyama, Hidetoshi Miyazaki, Yoichi Nishino

12-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Impact of Sn4+ Substitution at Cr3+ Sites on Thermoelectric and Electronic Properties of p-Type Delafossite CuCrO2

Sakwiboon Jantrasee, Chesta Ruttanapun

22-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Enhancement of the Thermoelectric Properties of BiCuSeO via In Doping and Powder Size Controlling

Bo Feng, Guangqiang Li, Xiaoming Hu, Peihai Liu, Rusong Li, Yanglin Zhang, Yawei Li, Zhu He, Xi’an Fan

12-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Enhanced Thermoelectric Performance of n-Type Polycrystalline SnSe via MoCl5 Doping

Tong Shen, Kang Yin Li, Zi Jie Chen, Hai Fei Wu, Jian Xiao Si

04-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Synthesis and Characterization of Next Generation Cu2ZnxFe1−xSnS4 (x = 0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 and 1) Compounds

H. Oueslati, M. Ben Rabeh, M. Kanzari

07-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Synthesis of Ag Nanoparticle-Decorated ZnO Nanorods Adopting the Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Method

Kanchana Shahi, R. S. Singh, Jai Singh, Maria Aleksandrova, Ajaya Kumar Singh

15-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Structural, Morphological, Optical, Electrical and Agricultural Properties of Solvent/ZnO Nanoparticles in the Photodegradation of DR-23 Dye

Manik Rakhra, Neha Verma, Sonik Bhatia

12-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Tunable Magnetoelectric Response in Cofired (Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-Bi0.5K0.5TiO3)/CoFe2O4 Laminated Composite

Yulan Cheng, Sheng Liu, Kexiang Wei, Shuoqing Yan, Shengxiang Huang, Lianwen Deng

12-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Correlation Between Energy Storage Density and Differential Dielectric Constant in Ferroelectrics

Yong Chen, Yi Ke Du, Yao Chang Yue, Kang Hui Liu, Ye Chen, Lu Qin, Chao Bin Jiang, Lei Zhang, Wan Qiang Cao, Rui Kun Pan

30-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

X-Band Microwave Analysis and Characterization of Zinc Substituted Nickel Ferrites Prepared by Sol–Gel Citrate Route

Neha Aggarwal, Sukhleen Bindra Narang

22-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Extracting Complex Permittivity of Materials by Gaussian Process Regression Using the Transmission Parameter at Sub-THz

M. Tahir Güneşer, Ferhat Atasoy

24-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Three-Dimensional Ultra-Broadband Metamaterial Absorber with Full Graphite Structure

Fei Lv, Zhongyin Xiao, Xiaojie Lu, Mingming Chen

10-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Structural, Optical and Dielectric Properties of Aluminoborosilicate Glasses

M. S. Salinigopal, N. Gopakumar, P. S. Anjana, B. SureshKumar

11-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Enhanced Mechanical Properties of Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2 Photostructurable Glass by SrO Doping

Lei Chen, Jihua Zhang, Hongwei Chen, Libin Gao, Tianpeng Liang, Haolin Zhao, Jinyu Zhao, Xin Li

11-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Magnetic and Structural Properties of Exchange Coupled Heusler Alloy NiO/Co2FeAl Interfaces with n-and p-Type Silicon Substrates

Arvind Kumar, Neelabh Srivastava, P. C. Srivastava

11-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Enhancing the Properties of Spark Plasma Sintered Nanocrystalline NdFeB Magnets by the Addition of Cu-Zn Alloy and Dy2O3 Powders

Shenglong Hu, Jing Liu, Yukun Liu, Jiasheng Zhang, Hongya Yu, Kunpeng Su, Youlin Huang, Zhongwu Liu

16-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Synthesis of Tetragonal Cu2NiSnS4 Thin Film via Low-Cost Electrodeposition Method: Effect of Ni2+ Molarity

M. Beraich, M. Taibi, A. Guenbour, A. Zarrouk, A. Bellaouchou, M. Fahoume

30-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Effect of Heating Rate on Bulk Density and Microstructure in Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 Sintering

Chang Hyun Lee, Hyo Soon Shin, Dong Hun Yeo, Sahn Nahm

12-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Removal of Lead by Tetra Hydroxyl Phenyl Porphyrin-Linked Magnetic Nanoparticles: Process Optimization by Using Taguchi Design Method

Ensieh Gholamrezapor, Abbas Eslami

12-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

A Statistical Learning Framework for Accelerated Bandgap Prediction of Inorganic Compounds

Suryanaman Chaube, Prerna Khullar, Sriram Goverapet Srinivasan, Beena Rai

13-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Hierarchical Design of rGO-PEDOT- δ-MnO2 Nanocomposite for Supercapacitors

Pintu Sen, Subhasis Rana, Amitabha De

14-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Sintering Behavior and Microwave Dielectric Properties of LiF-Doped Li2Mg3Ti0.95(Mg1/3Ta2/3)0.05O6 Ceramics for LTCC Applications

Jinjie Zheng, Huizhong Xu, Yaokang Yang, Lintao Liu, Haitao Wu

03-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

The Effect of Pr–Er Colorant on the Chroma of Dental Zirconia Ceramics

Qiang Jing, Jin-Xiao Bao, Shao-Feng Mao, Fei Ruan, Xi-Wen Song, Sheng-Li An, Yong-He Zhang

11-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Investigation and Analysis of Electro-physical Properties of Biodegradable Vegetable Oil for Insulation and Cooling Application in Transformers

Ashish Kumar Karmaker, Md. Mamun Sikder, Mohammad Jakir Hossain, Md. Raju Ahmed

23-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Structural, Optical and Magnetic Properties of -- and - Composites Produced by a Facile Method

Esra Kendir, Atakan Tekgül, İlker Küçük, Şerafettin Yaltkaya

25-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Evaluations of the Thermal, Rietveld Structural, Microstructural and Magnetic Properties of Cu0.5Co0.5BixFe2−xO4 Spinel Nanoferrites

A. Abidin, Naveed Ahmad, Majid Niaz Akhtar, Muhammad Shahid Nazir, M. S. Hussain

23-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Enhanced Microwave Absorption Performance of Double-Layer Absorbers Containing BaFe12O19 Ferrite and Graphite Nanosheet Composites

Dandan Min

24-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Precipitation of Silver Nanoparticles in Borate Glasses by 1064 nm Nd:YAG Nanosecond Laser Pulses: Characterization and Dielectric Studies

A. A. Menazea, A. M. Abdelghany, N. A. Hakeem, W. H. Osman, F. H. Abd El-kader

11-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Hybrid Nickel Ferrite Nanotubes Doped Polyaniline Nanocomposite and Its Dielectric Properties

R. D. Balikile, Aashish S. Roy, Ameena Parveen, G. Ramgopal, Nacer Badi

11-10-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Complex Dielectric, Impedance, and Electric Modulus of CuMn2O4

S. Mohanta, I. Naik, S. D. Kaushik, S. Mukherjee, P. Patra

07-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Humidity Robustness of Plasma-Coated PCBs

Aliakbar Khangholi, Feng Li, Kamila Piotrowska, Samir Loulidi, Rajan Ambat, Guy Van Assche, Annick Hubin, Iris De Graeve

01-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Study of Metal-Induced Effects of Cd, Sb and Zn on d.c./a.c. Conduction and Photoconduction in Binary Se70Te30 Glass

Shobhit Saraswat, V. K. Tomar, N. Mehta, A. Dahshan

01-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Realization of Improved Visible Light-Mediated Photocatalytic Activity of Al2O3 Nanoparticles Through Cobalt Doping

S. Anbarasu, S. Ilangovan, K. Usharani, A. Prabhavathi, M. Suganya, M. Karthika, C. Kayathiri, S. Balamurugan, A. R. Balu

05-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Effects of Calcining Temperature on Structure and Dielectric and Ferroelectric Properties of Sol-Gel Synthesized Ba0.85Ca0.15Zr0.1Ti0.9O3 Ceramics

X. W. Wang, B. H. Zhang, G. Feng, L. Y. Sun, Y. C. Shi, Y. C. Hu, J. Shang, S. Y. Shang, S. Q. Yin, X. E. Wang

13-11-2019 | Issue 1/2020

Mitigation of Long Whisker Growth Based upon the Dynamic Recrystallization Mechanism

P. T. Vianco, D. P. Cummings, P. G. Kotula, B. M. McKenzie, L. M. Lowery, S. Williams, D. Banga

04-11-2019 | Correction | Issue 1/2020

Correction to: Thin Film of Perovskite (Mixed-Cation of Lead Bromide FA1−xMAxPbBr3) Obtained by One-Step Method

B. Slimi, M. Mollar, B. Marí, R. Chtourou

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