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Construction of Z-Scheme CdS/WO3 Heterostructure on Photonic Crystals with High-Efficiency Photocatalysis Performance

Tungsten oxide (WO3) has been widely used as a photocatalyst for its suitable bandgap and relative stability. However, the high recombination rate of photo-generated carriers impedes raising the photocatalytic efficiency of tungsten oxide (WO3) …


Graphite Sheet as Flexible Electrode for Construction of a Super-Stable Tin Oxide Anode

A novel type of graphite sheet (GS) flexible electrode was obtained from high-temperature carbonized polyimide film. The GS establishes an excellent conductive network and promotes the transfer of electrons. In order to ensure the carrying …


A Numerical and Experimental Study of a Low-Loss Wideband E-Shaped Meta-Atom for LHM Characteristics

A planar left-handed metamaterial (LHM) based on E-shaped resonator (ESR) configuration is demonstrated, which provides a methodology in designing loss wideband negative-refractive-index (NRI) materials. When a plane wave propagates …


Enhanced Electrical and Optical Characteristics of Co/Phenol Red (PR)/Silicon Hybrid Heterojunction for Photodiode and Thermal Applications

A Co/phenol red (PR)/n-Si/Al device has been fabricated and its current–voltage (I–V) characteristics measured between 80 K and 460 K. Junction parameters of the device, such as the ideality factor, barrier height, interface state density, and …

02-06-2020 | Topical Collection: 19th International Conference on II-VI Compounds Open Access

Direct Interbranch Relaxation of Polaritons in a Microcavity with Embedded CdSe/(Cd,Mg)Se Quantum Wells

In polariton microcavities, the upper polariton branch is often hardly observable in reflectivity or photoluminescence measurements, which hampers reliable determination of the vacuum Rabi splitting value. We studied the photoluminescence …

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About this journal

The Journal of Electronic Materials (JEM) reports monthly on the science and technology of electronic materials, while examining new applications for semiconductors, magnetic alloys, dielectrics, nanoscale materials, and photonic materials. The journal welcomes articles on methods for preparing and evaluating the chemical, physical, electronic, and optical properties of these materials. Specific areas of interest are materials for state-of-the-art transistors, nanotechnology, electronic packaging, detectors, emitters, metallization, superconductivity, and energy applications.

Review papers on current topics enable individuals in the field of electronics to keep abreast of activities in areas peripheral to their own. JEM also selects papers from conferences such as the Electronic Materials Conference, the U.S. Workshop on the Physics and Chemistry of II-VI Materials, and the International Conference on Thermoelectrics. It benefits both specialists and non-specialists in the electronic materials field.

A journal of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society.

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