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Journal of Electronic Testing

Journal of Electronic Testing 3/2021

Issue 3/2021

Table of Contents ( 12 Articles )

28-07-2021 | Issue 3/2021


Vishwani D. Agrawal

31-07-2021 | Issue 3/2021

Test Technology Newsletter

30-06-2021 | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

Resistance of the Montgomery Ladder Against Simple SCA: Theory and Practice

Ievgen Kabin, Zoya Dyka, Dan Klann, Marcin Aftowicz, Peter Langendoerfer

18-05-2021 | Issue 3/2021

A Secure and Robust PUF-based Key Generation with Wiretap Polar Coset Codes

Yonghong Bai, Zhiyuan Yan

19-06-2021 | Issue 3/2021

Hardware Trojan Free Netlist Identification: A Clustering Approach

Anindan Mondal, Rajesh Kumar Biswal, Mahabub Hasan Mahalat, Suchismita Roy, Bibhash Sen

05-06-2021 | Issue 3/2021

Failure Mechanism and Sampling Frequency Dependency on TID Response of SAR ADCs

Carlos J. González, Bruno L. Costa, Diego N. Machado, Rafael G. Vaz, Alexis C. Vilas Bôas, Odair L. Gonçalez, Helmut Puchner, Fernanda L. Kastensmidt, Nilberto H. Medina, Marcilei A. Guazzelli, Tiago R. Balen

07-07-2021 | Issue 3/2021

Measurement and Simulation of the Near Magnetic Field Radiated by Integrated Magnetic Inductors

M. I. Boukhari, D. A. Oumar, S. Capraro, D. Pietroy, J. P. Chatelon, J. J. Rousseau

10-07-2021 | Issue 3/2021

Spectrum Analyzer Based on a Dynamic Filter

S. Herasimov, M. Borysenko, E. Roshchupkin, V. I. Hrabchak, Yu. A. Nastishin

18-08-2021 | Issue 3/2021

Analysis and Detection of Open-gate Defects in Redundant Structures of a FinFET SRAM Cell

Victor Champac, Javier Mesalles, Hector Villacorta, Fabian Vargas

01-06-2021 | Issue 3/2021 Open Access

Evaluation of Single Event Upset Susceptibility of FinFET-based SRAMs with Weak Resistive Defects

Thiago Copetti, Guilherme Cardoso Medeiros, Mottaqiallah Taouil, Said Hamdioui, Letícia Bolzani Poehls, Tiago Balen

05-07-2021 | Issue 3/2021

A Numeral System Based Framework for Improved One-Lambda Crosstalk Avoidance Code Using Recursive Symmetry Formula

M. Taali, Z. Shirmohammadi

30-04-2021 | Issue 3/2021

Fault Tolerant Lanczos Eigensolver via an Invariant Checking Method

Felix Loh, Kewal K. Saluja, Parameswaran Ramanathan

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