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Spectrum Analyzer Based on a Dynamic Filter

A method for the design of a second-order recursive filter, optimal in terms of the bias error, and a method for the synthesis of the parameters of correlation filter spectrum analyzers based on it are presented. The improvement of technical …


Measurement and Simulation of the Near Magnetic Field Radiated by Integrated Magnetic Inductors

This paper presents a measurement and simulation studies on the near magnetic field radiated by an integrated inductor with magnetic material. It presents the probe influence on the measured magnetic field and the importance of the probe position.


A Numeral System Based Framework for Improved One-Lambda Crosstalk Avoidance Code Using Recursive Symmetry Formula

Crosstalk fault on the chip wires seriously jeopardizes data reliability. One of the most effective methods to reduce crosstalk fault is crosstalk fault avoidance coding (CAC) based on numeral systems. CAC methods reduce crosstalk fault by …

30-06-2021 Open Access

Resistance of the Montgomery Ladder Against Simple SCA: Theory and Practice

The Montgomery kP algorithm i.e. the Montgomery ladder is reported in literature as resistant against simple SCA due to the fact that the processing of each key bit value of the scalar k is done using the same sequence of operations. We …

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About this journal

The Journal of Electronic Testing, the only journal specifically dedicated to electronic testing, is an international forum disseminating the latest research results and applications in the field. With its rapid submission to publication cycle, the journal quickly brings important findings to the attention of researchers and practitioners.

A partial list of topics covered in the journal includes testing of VLSI devices, printed circuit boards, and electronic systems; fault modeling and simulation; test generation; design for testability; electron beam test systems; formal verification of hardware; simulation for verification; design debugging; economics of testing; quality and reliability; and CAD Tools.

In addition to original research papers, the journal publishes conference papers of exceptional merit. Readers will also find surveys and reviews examining the state of the art in the field.

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