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Radiation of acoustic waves by a partially lined pipe with an interior perforated screen

The paper presents analytical and numerical results of radiation phenomena at the far field and solution of the acoustic wave equation with boundary conditions imposed by the pipe wall. A semi-infinite pipe with partial lining and interior …


The heat balance integral method for cylindrical extruders

In the hot end of a 3-D printer, polymer feedstock flows through a heated cylinder in order to become pliable. This setup determines a natural upper limit to the speed at which the polymer may be extruded. The case of polymers which undergo the …


Algebraic and modal methods for computing high-order sensitivities in asymmetrical undamped system

Multi-parameter sensitivity algorithms can be used to construct a Hessian matrix and second-degree Taylor expansion. In terms of an asymmetric dynamic system, two multi-parameter sensitivity algorithms are proposed in this paper. The modal method …

11-04-2020 Open Access

Derivation of an effective thermal electrochemical model for porous electrode batteries using asymptotic homogenisation

Thermal electrochemical models for porous electrode batteries (such as lithium ion batteries) are widely used. Due to the multiple scales involved, solving the model accounting for the porous microstructure is computationally expensive; therefore …

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The Journal of Engineering Mathematics promotes the application of mathematics to problems from engineering and the applied sciences. It emphasizes the intrinsic unity, through mathematics, of the fundamental problems of applied and engineering science. Coverage includes:
Mathematics: Ordinary and partial differential equations, Integral equations, Asymptotics, Variational and functional-analytical methods, Numerical analysis, Computational methods.
Applied Fields: Continuum mechanics, Stability theory, Wave propagation, Diffusion, Heat and mass transfer, Free-boundary problems; Fluid mechanics: Aero- and hydrodynamics, Boundary Layers, Shock waves, Fluid machinery, Fluid−structure interactions, Convection, Combustion, Acoustics, Multiphase flows, Transition and turbulence, Creeping flow, Rheology, Porous-media flows, Ocean engineering; Atmospheric engineering; Solid mechanics: Elasticity, Classical mechanics, Nonlinear mechanics, Vibrations, Plates and shells, Fracture mechanics, Biomedical engineering, Geophysical engineering, Reaction-diffusion problems; and related topics.

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