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Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics

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About this journal

The Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics highlights papers examining contemporary problems in the fields of technology, engineering, and physics. Specifically, it publishes the results of theoretical and experimental studies in thermophysics, heat and mass transfer, heat conduction, thermodynamics of irreversible processes, theory of drying, heat and mass transfer in disperse and porous systems, formation of carbon nanostructures, low-temperature plasma, hydrogen power engineering, ecology, rheodynamics, and rheology.

The Journal of Engineering Physics and Thermophysics is a translation of the peer-reviewed Russian language journal Inzhenerno-fizicheskii Zhurnal, a publication of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

The entire content of the journal is available in both Russian and English. This valuable resource therefore reaches a global audience, facilitating international communication among researchers around the world.

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