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The Covid pandemic in the market: infected, immune and cured bonds

In this paper, I analyze the developments in the euro-area primary bond market during the Covid-19 pandemic. The most surprising effect is the significant increase in the share of investment-grade bonds from 15% to 40%. Over the first phases of …


Shareholder Litigation Rights and Bank Dividends

We use the staggered adoption of Universal Demand (UD) laws, which significantly reduces the shareholder litigation rights of listed banks incorporated in 23 US states during the period from 1989 to 2005, as a quasi-natural experiment to examine …


Banks and FinTech Acquisitions

This paper investigates ex-ante factors influencing international bank acquisition of FinTech companies from 2010–2018. Using hand-collected data, we show that bank boards with a larger female presence as well as those that have CEOs with longer …


Multimarket Banks, Local Economic Shocks, and Lending Behavior: When the Effect is on Cost but not on the Amount of Deposit Fundings

We investigate how local deposit shocks affect bank lending in nonaffected markets for the case where banks mostly neutralize that shock. Colombian banks in oil-producing municipalities experienced deposit outflows after the collapse of oil prices …


Low Interest Rates and Banks’ Interest Margins: Does Deposit Market Concentration Matter?

Using a sample of 7,919 banks from 30 OECD countries over 1995–2019, we examine the impact of low interest rates on banks’ net interest margins. Our results confirm a positive relationship between interest rates and interest margins, which is …

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The Journal of Financial Services Research publishes high quality empirical and theoretical research on the demand, supply, regulation, and pricing of financial services. Financial services are broadly defined to include banking, risk management, capital markets, mutual funds, insurance, venture capital, consumer and corporate finance, and the technologies used to produce, distribute, and regulate these services. Macro-financial policy issues, including comparative financial systems, the globalization of financial services, and the impact of these phenomena on economic growth and financial stability, are also within the JFSR’s scope of interest. The Journal seeks to promote research that enriches the profession’s understanding of financial services industries, to elevate industry and product efficiencies, as well as to inform the debate and promote the formulation of sound public policies.

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