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Journal of Geographical Systems

Geographical Information, Analysis, Theory, and Decision

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30-09-2017 | Original Article

A novel algorithm for fully automated mapping of geospatial ontologies

Geospatial information is collected from different sources thus making spatial ontologies, built for the same geographic domain, heterogeneous; therefore, different and heterogeneous conceptualizations may coexist. Ontology integrating helps …

22-08-2017 | Original Article

Modeling and simulating industrial land-use evolution in Shanghai, China

This study proposes a cellular automata-based Industrial and Residential Land Use Competition Model to simulate the dynamic spatial transformation of industrial land use in Shanghai, China. In the proposed model, land development activities in a …

03-08-2017 | Original Article

Housing price prediction: parametric versus semi-parametric spatial hedonic models

House price prediction is a hot topic in the economic literature. House price prediction has traditionally been approached using a-spatial linear (or intrinsically linear) hedonic models. It has been shown, however, that spatial effects are …

12-07-2017 | Original Article

Pulling apart: new perspectives on the spatial dimensions of neighbourhood income disparities in Canadian cities

The spatial configurations of changes in the distribution of incomes within Canada’s eight largest metropolitan areas are examined using a new approach based on dynamic local indicators of spatial association. These changes are characterized by …

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The Journal of Geographical Systems (JGS) is an interdisciplinary journal that aims to encourage and promote high quality scholarship on important theoretical, methodological and empirical issues with a central spatial or regional dimension. The intention of JGS is to provide an outlet for innovative research in regional science, urban and regional economics, spatial economics, geography, GIScience, and environmental sciences. Papers in the following subject areas are especially welcome: quantitative economic geography models; spatial decision processes; simulation modeling; complex systems; artificial intelligence; geo-computation; spatial econometrics and spatial statistics; resource management; land use change; transport, migration and communication; regional housing and labor markets; regional economic growth; innovation and regional economic development.

Each article in JGS is evaluated by at least two peer reviewers in a double-blind fashion and classified using the JEL classification system.

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