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Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research

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28-04-2021 | Research

From subcontractors to company owners: modeling firm-type choices in industrial clusters

The importance of industrial clusters in industrial development in developing countries is increasingly recognized in the literature. In industrial clusters, division and specialization of labor established under subcontracting arrangements permit …

28-04-2021 | Research

Determinants of entrepreneurial behaviour in the public sector in Tanzania: a case of water services provision

This paper examines the factors influencing entrepreneurial behaviour in the public sector in Tanzania. To obtain data on the antecedents of entrepreneurial behaviour, we surveyed employees of Tabora Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority …

28-04-2021 | Research

Factors influencing online apparel shopping orientation among women in Mumbai

The purpose of the study was to examine the factors influencing online apparel shopping orientation among women. Survey data from women aged 18–55 with online shopping experience were considered. Four key factors were identified by factor analysis …

28-04-2021 | Review

An overview of cloud computing in SMEs

The emergence of the Web in 1990 gave rise to cloud computing; a disruptive innovation in the bird’s-eye view of information technology. Cloud computing essentially sidesteps the need for capital investments in hardware and expensive information …

28-04-2021 | Research Open Access

Does the height to entrepreneurship nexus have two stages? New evidence from 27 nations

We examine the association between height and entrepreneurship in 27 nations, finding that the relationship between height and entrepreneurship can be considered to be a two-stage process. During the first stage, individuals make the decision of …

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The Journal of Global Entrepreneurship Research (JGER) publishes peer-reviewed original open access articles on Entrepreneurship in a global perspective. JGER aims to address theoretical and empirical research issues that impact the development of entrepreneurship as a scientific discipline and promote its efficacy on the economic, social and cultural contexts, both domestically and globally. The journal, which is published under the SpringerOpen brand, also attempts to contribute to achievement of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) goals and development of GEM paradigms.

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