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Journal of Grid Computing

Journal of Grid Computing 1/2018

Issue 1/2018

Cloud Computing Orchestration

Table of Contents ( 8 Articles )

17-01-2018 | Issue 1/2018

Guest Editor’s Introduction: Special Issue on Cloud Computing Orchestration

Miguel Caballer, Germán Moltó, Ignacio Blanquer

09-11-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Orchestrating Complex Application Architectures in Heterogeneous Clouds

Miguel Caballer, Sahdev Zala, Álvaro López García, Germán Moltó, Pablo Orviz Fernández, Mathieu Velten

22-11-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Occopus: a Multi-Cloud Orchestrator to Deploy and Manage Complex Scientific Infrastructures

József Kovács, Péter Kacsuk

03-11-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Orchestrating the Deployment of High Availability Services on Multi-zone and Multi-cloud Scenarios

R. Moreno-Vozmediano, R. S. Montero, E. Huedo, I. M. Llorente

11-01-2018 | Issue 1/2018

The Flowbster Cloud-Oriented Workflow System to Process Large Scientific Data Sets

Peter Kacsuk, József Kovács, Zoltán Farkas

27-11-2017 | Issue 1/2018

QoS-Aware Orchestration of Network Intensive Software Utilities within Software Defined Data Centres

An Architecture and Implementation of a Global Cluster Manager
Uroš Paščinski, Jernej Trnkoczy, Vlado Stankovski, Matej Cigale, Sandi Gec

06-11-2017 | Issue 1/2018

Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Objective Optimization of Container Allocation in Cloud Architecture

Carlos Guerrero, Isaac Lera, Carlos Juiz

01-02-2018 | Issue 1/2018

Transparent Orchestration of Task-based Parallel Applications in Containers Platforms

Cristian Ramon-Cortes, Albert Serven, Jorge Ejarque, Daniele Lezzi, Rosa M. Badia

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