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Journal of Grid Computing

Journal of Grid Computing 2/2018

Issue 2/2018

Storage for the Big Data Era

Table of Contents ( 11 Articles )

06-03-2018 | Issue 2/2018

Guest Editors’ Introduction: Special Issue on Storage for the Big Data Era

Vlado Stankovski, Radu Prodan

14-03-2018 | Issue 2/2018

PERSIST: Policy-Based Data Management Middleware for Multi-Tenant SaaS Leveraging Federated Cloud Storage

Ansar Rafique, Dimitri Van Landuyt, Wouter Joosen

06-02-2018 | Issue 2/2018

DCDedupe: Selective Deduplication and Delta Compression with Effective Routing for Distributed Storage

Binqi Zhang, Chen Wang, Bing Bing Zhou, Dong Yuan, Albert Y. Zomaya

26-02-2018 | Issue 2/2018

Dataset Popularity Prediction for Caching of CMS Big Data

Marco Meoni, Raffaele Perego, Nicola Tonellotto

19-02-2018 | Issue 2/2018

A Privacy-Preserving Compression Storage Method for Large Trajectory Data in Road Network

Peipei Sui, Xiaoyu Yang

21-02-2018 | Issue 2/2018

ENTICE VM Image Analysis and Optimised Fragmentation

Akos Hajnal, Gabor Kecskemeti, Attila Csaba Marosi, Jozsef Kovacs, Peter Kacsuk, Robert Lovas

14-02-2018 | Issue 2/2018

Migration-Aware Genetic Optimization for MapReduce Scheduling and Replica Placement in Hadoop

Carlos Guerrero, Isaac Lera, Carlos Juiz

26-02-2018 | Issue 2/2018

A New Data Layout Scheme for Energy-Efficient MapReduce Processing Tasks

Xuan T. Tran, Tien Van Do, Csaba Rotter, Dosam Hwang

17-01-2018 | Issue 2/2018

Block I/O Scheduling on Storage Servers of Distributed File Systems

Jianwei Liao, Dong Yin, Xiaoning Peng

07-03-2018 | Issue 2/2018

A Novel Graph-Based Approach for the Management of Health Data on Cloud-Based WSANs

Yacine Djemaiel, Sarra Berrahal, Noureddine Boudriga

06-03-2018 | Issue 2/2018

iHOME: Index-Based JOIN Query Optimization for Limited Big Data Storage

Radhya Sahal, Marwah Nihad, Mohamed H. Khafagy, Fatma A. Omara

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