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Journal of Grid Computing

From Grids to Cloud Federations

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26-09-2020 Open Access

Autonomic Management Framework for Cloud-Native Applications

In order to meet the rapidly changing requirements of the Cloud-native dynamic execution environment, without human support and without the need to continually improve one’s skills, autonomic features need to be added. Embracing automation at …


Blockchain-Based Cache Poisoning Security Protection and Privacy-Aware Access Control in NDN Vehicular Edge Computing Networks

Recent advances in artificial intelligence, big data, mobile edge computing and embedded systems have successfully driven the emergence and adoption of smart vehicles and vehicle edge computing which will improve road safety, traffic congestions …


A Survey on the Computation Offloading Approaches in Mobile Edge/Cloud Computing Environment: A Stochastic-based Perspective

Fast growth of produced data from deferent smart devices such as smart mobiles, IoT/IIoT networks, and vehicular networks running different specific applications such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and positioning systems, demand …


Towards Blockchain-Enabled Security Technique for Industrial Internet of Things Based Decentralized Applications

As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is one of the emerging trends and paradigm shifts to revolutionize the traditional industries with the fourth wave of evolution or transform it into Industry 4.0. This all is merely possible with the …


Remote Method Delegation: a Platform for Grid Computing

While many cluster and grid computing frameworks are available, the task of building secure distributed systems or implementing distributed algorithms continue to be a challenging task due to the inherent distributed nature of such systems with …

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About this journal

The Journal of Grid Computing explores an emerging technology that enables large-scale resource sharing problem solving within distributed, loosely coordinated groups sometimes termed "virtual organizations". Coverage includes protocols, security, scaling and more.

Although the advantages of this technology for classes of applications have been acknowledged, research in a variety of disciplines is needed to broaden the applicability and scope of the current body of knowledge. This journal fills the need, covering such topics as protocols, middleware, and services, security, discovery, sharing, scaling, and more.

Discussion extends to advanced technologies for collaborative work, information sharing and problem solving.

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