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Journal of Happiness Studies

An Interdisciplinary Forum on Subjective Well-Being

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17-05-2021 | Research Paper

Labor Market Policy and Subjective Well-Being During the Great Recession

While subjective well-being generally decreased in Europe during the Great Recession, some countries fared better than others. We assess how this experience varied across population subgroups and countries according to their labor market policies …

11-05-2021 | Research Paper Open Access

Income Status and Life Satisfaction

The importance of both income rank and relative income, as indicators of status, has long been recognised in the literature on life satisfaction and happiness. Recently, several authors have made explicit comparisons of the relative importance of …

09-05-2021 | Research Paper

Growth, Consumption, and Happiness: Modeling the Easterlin Paradox

Since the 1970s, there has been mounting empirical evidence that after a certain point, income and happiness, or life satisfaction, are not correlated. However, despite the growing empirical evidence, the new dynamic has not been adequately …

08-05-2021 | Research Paper Open Access

Daily Stressor-Related Negative Mood and its Associations with Flourishing and Daily Curiosity

There are pronounced individual differences in the extent to which affective responses are associated with daily stressor exposure. These individual differences have implications for health and well-being. We use 21 days of daily diary data in 167 …

29-04-2021 | Research Paper

Association Between Connection to Nature and Children’s Happiness in China: Children’s Negative Affectivity and Gender as Moderators

Connection to nature is positively associated with happiness among adults. However, whether and how connection to nature is associated with children’s happiness remains unknown. The current study aims to examine the association between connection …

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The peer-reviewed Journal of Happiness Studies is devoted to scientific understanding of subjective well-being. Coverage includes both cognitive evaluations of life such as life-satisfaction, and affective enjoyment of life, such as mood level. In addition to contributions on appraisal of life-as-a-whole, the journal accepts papers on such life domains as job-satisfaction, and such life-aspects as the perceived meaning of life.
The Journal of Happiness Studies provides a forum for two main traditions in happiness research: 1) speculative reflection on the good life, and 2) empirical investigation of subjective well-being. Contributions span a broad range of disciplines: alpha-sciences, philosophy in particular; beta-sciences, especially health related quality-of-life research; and gamma-sciences, including not only psychology and sociology but also economics.
The journal addresses the conceptualization, measurement, prevalence, explanation, evaluation, imagination and study of happiness.

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