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Journal of Happiness Studies

An Interdisciplinary Forum on Subjective Well-Being


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Open Access 17-05-2022 | Research Paper

A Re-evaluation of Candidate Gene Studies for Well-Being in Light of Genome-Wide Evidence

Ever since twin-family studies found that a substantial amount (± 40%) of the variation in well-being can be explained by genetic variation, several candidate genes have been proposed explaining this variation. However, these candidate gene and …

12-05-2022 | Research Paper

Tailoring Gratitude Interventions. How and for Whom Do They Work? The Potential Mediating Role of Reward Processing and the Moderating Role of Childhood Adversity and Trait Gratitude

Outcomes of gratitude interventions are encouraging, but inconsistent across studies. In addition, both mechanisms of change and effect modifiers for these interventions are largely unknown. Recent data point toward potential candidates and …

Open Access 11-05-2022 | Research Paper

Elementary School Students’ Subjective Well-Being Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Longitudinal Study

First empirical results indicate that the COVID-19 pandemic has a negative impact on adolescents’ and adults’ subjective well-being. In the present study we focus on the subjective well-being of elementary school children before and after the …

30-04-2022 | Research Paper

Longitudinal Relationships Between Personality Traits and Social Well-Being: A Two-Decade Study

This study examined the temporal relationships between social well-being and the Big Five personality traits (i.e., neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness to experience), using a sample of 6452 American adults …

28-04-2022 | Research Paper

Life Satisfaction and Incumbent Voting: Examining the Mediating Effect of Trust in Government

An emerging body of evidence suggests a causal relationship between wellbeing and incumbent voting. However, the evidence is primarily founded upon established democracies with regular turnovers of power. Moreover, the mechanism underlying this …

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The peer-reviewed Journal of Happiness Studies is devoted to scientific understanding of subjective well-being. Coverage includes both cognitive evaluations of life such as life-satisfaction, and affective enjoyment of life, such as mood level. In addition to contributions on appraisal of life-as-a-whole, the journal accepts papers on such life domains as job-satisfaction, and such life-aspects as the perceived meaning of life.
The Journal of Happiness Studies provides a forum for two main traditions in happiness research: 1) speculative reflection on the good life, and 2) empirical investigation of subjective well-being. Contributions span a broad range of disciplines: alpha-sciences, philosophy in particular; beta-sciences, especially health related quality-of-life research; and gamma-sciences, including not only psychology and sociology but also economics.
The journal addresses the conceptualization, measurement, prevalence, explanation, evaluation, imagination and study of happiness.

Journal of Happiness Studies
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