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Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Journal of Intelligent Information Systems 3/2012

Issue 3/2012

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-06-2012 | Issue 3/2012 Open Access

Intelligent video and audio applications for learning enhancement

Andrzej Czyzewski, Bozena Kostek

01-06-2012 | Issue 3/2012

SMARTINT: using mined attribute dependencies to integrate fragmented web databases

Ravi Gummadi, Anupam Khulbe, Aravind Kalavagattu, Sanil Salvi, Subbarao Kambhampati

01-06-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Modeling temporal dimensions of semistructured data

Carlo Combi, Barbara Oliboni, Elisa Quintarelli

01-06-2012 | Issue 3/2012

The Semantic Service Search Engine (S3E)

Nikolaos Loutas, Vassilios Peristeras, Dimitris Zeginis, Konstantinos Tarabanis

01-06-2012 | Issue 3/2012

A new unsupervised feature selection method for text clustering based on genetic algorithms

Pirooz Shamsinejadbabki, Mohammad Saraee

01-06-2012 | Issue 3/2012

In & out zooming on time-aware user/tag clusters

Eirini Giannakidou, Vassiliki Koutsonikola, Athena Vakali, Ioannis Kompatsiaris

01-06-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Natural language technology and query expansion: issues, state-of-the-art and perspectives

Bhawani Selvaretnam, Mohammed Belkhatir

01-06-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Aircraft interior failure pattern recognition utilizing text mining and neural networks

Rogério S. Rodrigues, Pedro Paulo Balestrassi, Anderson P. Paiva, Alberto Garcia-Diaz, Fabricio J. Pontes

01-06-2012 | Issue 3/2012

WSM: a novel algorithm for subgraph matching in large weighted graphs

Anupam Bhattacharjee, Hasan M. Jamil

01-06-2012 | Issue 3/2012

Temporal aggregation on user-defined granularities

Paolo Terenziani

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