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Journal of Intelligent Information Systems

Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Database Technologies

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17-06-2021 Open Access

UTLDR: an agent-based framework for modeling infectious diseases and public interventions

Due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, epidemic modeling is now experiencing a constantly growing interest from researchers of heterogeneous study fields. Indeed, due to such an increased attention, several software libraries and scientific tools have …


Smart integration of sensors, computer vision and knowledge representation for intelligent monitoring and verbal human-computer interaction

The details presented in this article revolve around a sophisticated monitoring framework equipped with knowledge representation and computer vision capabilities, that aims to provide innovative solutions and support services in the healthcare …


Coarse-grained decomposition and fine-grained interaction for multi-hop question answering

In recent years, question answering (QA) and reading comprehension (RC) has attracted much attention, and most research on QA has focused on multi-hop QA task which requires connecting multiple pieces of evidence scattered in a long context to …


A novel deep recommend model based on rating matrix and item attributes

Traditional recommendation systems only consider the content of users to predict the rating of items in the recommendation process, and ignore the impact of other factors on the recommendation process except for the user-item rating matrix.


Selecting the most helpful answers in online health question answering communities

The online question answering (QA) community has been popular in recent years. In this paper, we focus on the online health question answering (HQA) community. The HQA community provides a platform for health consumers to inquire about health …

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The Journal of Intelligent Information Systems: Integrating Artificial Intelligence and Database Technologies (JIIS) focuses on the integration of artificial intelligence and database technologies to create next generation information systems - Intelligent Information Systems.

JIIS provides a forum wherein academics, researchers and practitioners may publish high-quality, original and state-of-the-art papers describing theoretical aspects, systems architectures, analysis and design tools and techniques, and implementation experiences in intelligent information systems. Articles published in JIIS include: research papers, invited papers, meeting, workshop and conference announcements and reports, survey and tutorial articles, and book reviews.

Topics include foundations and principles of data, information, and knowledge models; methodologies for IIS analysis, design, implementation, validation, maintenance and evolution, and more.

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