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Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing

Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing 1/2009

Issue 1/2009

Table of Contents ( 10 Articles )

01-02-2009 | Issue 1/2009

A sensor-driven approach to Web-based machining

Lihui Wang, Adam Nace

01-02-2009 | Issue 1/2009

Optimal assembly plan generation: a simplifying approach

Michel Martinez, Viet Hung Pham, Joël Favrel

01-02-2009 | Issue 1/2009

A heuristic method for the vehicle routing problem with backhauls and inventory

Shu-Chu Liu, Chich-Hung Chung

01-02-2009 | Issue 1/2009

Cutting parameters analysis for the development of a milling process monitoring system based on audible energy sound

E. M. Rubio, R. Teti

01-02-2009 | Issue 1/2009

Operational methods for improving manufacturing control plans: case study in a semiconductor industry

Samuel Bassetto, Ali Siadat

01-02-2009 | Issue 1/2009

An artificial immune system approach to CNC tool path generation

Erkan Ülker, Mehmet Emin Turanalp, H. Selçuk Halkaci

01-02-2009 | Issue 1/2009

Integrated model of operations effectiveness of small to medium-sized manufacturing enterprises

Norita Ahmad, Robin G. Qiu

01-02-2009 | Issue 1/2009

Integration of a flat holonic form in an HLA environment

Fouzia Ounnar, Patrick Pujo, Lynda Mekaouche, Norbert Giambiasi

01-02-2009 | Issue 1/2009

Multi-criteria decision making for assembly line balancing

F. Jolai, M. Jahangoshai Rezaee, A. Vazifeh

01-02-2009 | Issue 1/2009

A new hybrid improvement heuristic approach to simple straight and U-type assembly line balancing problems

Uğur Özcan, Bilal Toklu

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