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Formal modeling of cyber-physical resource scheduling in IIoT cloud environments

In the recent years, the topic of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has attracted a large number of academic researchers and industry practitioners. IIoT connects the actors, and the physical and cyber resources of industrial systems …


Hybrid constrained permutation algorithm and genetic algorithm for process planning problem

In this research, a hybrid constrained permutation algorithm and genetic algorithm approach is proposed to solve the process planning problem and to facilitate the optimisation process. In this approach, the process planning problem is represented …

09-10-2019 Open Access

A convolutional approach to quality monitoring for laser manufacturing

The extraction of meaningful features from the monitoring of laser processes is the foundation of new non-destructive quality inspection methods for the manufactured pieces, which has been and remains a growing interest in industry. We present …


Real-time machining data application and service based on IMT digital twin

With the development of manufacturing, machining data applications are becoming a key technological component of enhancing the intelligence of manufacturing. The new generation of machine tools should be digitalized, highly efficient …

05-10-2019 Open Access

Determination of optimal build orientation for additive manufacturing using Muirhead mean and prioritised average operators

Build orientation determination is one of the essential process planning tasks in additive manufacturing since it has crucial effects on the part quality, post-processing, build time and cost, etc. This paper introduces a method based on fuzzy …

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Published bimonthly, the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing provides a unique international forum for developers of intelligent manufacturing systems. By publishing quality refereed papers on the application of artificial intelligence in manufacturing, the Journal provides a vital link between the research community and practitioners in industry.

In addition to research papers, the Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing features articles on new methodologies and developments, case studies, surveys, and tutorials on topics related to product design, manufacturing, and service systems. Papers in emerging areas such as biomanufacturing, nanotechnology, and energy are welcome. Periodically special issues on topics of interest to the readership are published.

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