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Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems

with a special section on Unmanned Systems

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Deep-Learning-Based Human Intention Prediction Using RGB Images and Optical Flow

A key technical issue for human intention prediction from observed human actions is how to discover and utilize the spatio-temporal patterns behind those actions. Inspired by the well-known two-stream architecture for action recognition, this …


A Comparative Analysis of Pattern Matching Techniques Towards OGM Evaluation

The alignment of two occupancy grid maps generated by SLAM algorithms is a quite researched problem, being an obligatory step either for unsupervised map merging techniques or for evaluation of OGMs (Occupancy Grid Maps) against a blueprint of the …


Risk Areas Determination for Autonomous- and Semi-autonomous Aerial Systems Considering Run-Time Technical Reliability Assessment

Requirements, Concept, and Tests

Autonomous or semi-autonomous aerial systems are used in different application domains to simplify or assist humans tasks. In this context, their behavior has to be verifiably safe. Here safe behavior denotes system’s interaction with the …


Cooperative Aerial Manipulation with Decentralized Adaptive Force-Consensus Control

In this paper, we consider multiple quacopter aerial robots and develop a decentralized adaptive controller to cooperatively manipulate a payload. We assume that the mass of the payload is not available to the controller. The developed …

05-07-2019 Open Access

User-Oriented Design of Active Monitoring Bedside Agent for Older Adults to Prevent Falls

A small bedside agent for preventing falls has been developed. It talks to a person on a bed to prevent them from getting out of bed abruptly, until a care worker arrives. This paper describes the user-oriented design process of the agent system.

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About this journal

The Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems bridges the gap between theory and practice in all areas of intelligent systems and robotics. It publishes original, peer reviewed contributions from initial concept and theory to prototyping to final product development and commercialization.

On the theoretical side, the journal features papers focusing on intelligent systems engineering, distributed intelligence systems, multi-level systems, intelligent control, multi-robot systems, cooperation and coordination of unmanned vehicle systems, etc.

On the application side, the journal emphasizes autonomous systems, industrial robotic systems, multi-robot systems, aerial vehicles, mobile robot platforms, underwater robots, sensors, sensor-fusion, and sensor-based control. Readers will also find papers on real applications of intelligent and robotic systems (e.g., mechatronics, manufacturing, biomedical, underwater, humanoid, mobile/legged robot and space applications, etc.).

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