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Journal of Intelligent & Robotic Systems

with a special section on Unmanned Systems

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30-06-2020 | Editorial

From the Editor-in-Chief

25-06-2020 Open Access

Robust Position/Force Control of Constrained Flexible Joint Robots with Constraint Uncertainties

A novel robust control method for simultaneous position/force control of constrained flexible joint robots is proposed. The facts that the uncertainties make the usual control task unsolvable and that the equations of the controlled system are …


A New Parcel Delivery System with Drones and a Public Train

In this paper, we propose a new parcel delivery system consisting of a public train and drones. The train, an already existing mobile platform in our neighbourhood, follows its normal predefined route and timetable to transport passengers. In the …


Trajectory Planning of Autonomous Vehicles Based on Parameterized Control Optimization in Dynamic on-Road Environments

This paper presents a trajectory planning framework to deal with the highly dynamic environments for on-road driving. The trajectory optimization problem with parameterized curvature control was formulated to reach the goal state with the vehicle …


Cooperative Path Following Control of Fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Collision Avoidance

In this paper, we propose a novel curved path following scheme for multiple fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) that can achieve coordinated curved path following and handle collision avoidance simultaneously. The proposed solution is a …

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About this journal

The Journal of Intelligent and Robotic Systems bridges the gap between theory and practice in all areas of intelligent systems and robotics. It publishes original, peer reviewed contributions from initial concept and theory to prototyping to final product development and commercialization.

On the theoretical side, the journal features papers focusing on intelligent systems engineering, distributed intelligence systems, multi-level systems, intelligent control, multi-robot systems, cooperation and coordination of unmanned vehicle systems, etc.

On the application side, the journal emphasizes autonomous systems, industrial robotic systems, multi-robot systems, aerial vehicles, mobile robot platforms, underwater robots, sensors, sensor-fusion, and sensor-based control. Readers will also find papers on real applications of intelligent and robotic systems (e.g., mechatronics, manufacturing, biomedical, underwater, humanoid, mobile/legged robot and space applications, etc.).

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