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Journal of International Entrepreneurship

Journal of International Entrepreneurship 2/2021

Issue 2/2021

Table of Contents ( 6 Articles )

29-06-2021 | Issue 2/2021

The evolutionary trends of international entrepreneurship in the past two decades: The state of the field in the face of COVID-19’s global crisis

Hamid Etemad

29-02-2020 | Issue 2/2021

Internationalization of SMEs: a systematic review of 20 years of research

Vivian Peuker Sardon Steinhäuser, Fábio de Oliveira Paula, Teresia Diana Lewe van Aduard de Macedo-Soares

07-05-2021 | Issue 2/2021

Corporate entrepreneurship, its antecedents, process, and consequences: A systematic review and suggestion for future research

Homa Pirhadi, Alireza Feyzbakhsh

13-04-2021 | Issue 2/2021

International social ventures: A literature review and guidance for future research

Nathalie N. Larsen, Martin Hannibal

22-03-2021 | Issue 2/2021

A review of methodological diversity within the domain of international entrepreneurship

Farhad Uddin Ahmed, Louis Brennan

31-03-2021 | Issue 2/2021 Open Access

International ECOpreneurship: Environmental commitment and international partner selection of Finnish firms from the energy sector

Tamara Galkina

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