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Journal of International Entrepreneurship

Journal of International Entrepreneurship 4/2019

Issue 4/2019

Table of Contents ( 4 Articles )

05-07-2019 | Issue 4/2019

Intelligent entrepreneurship and firm performance: A cross-cultural investigation

M. Afzalur Rahim, Zhenzhong Ma, Cheng-Sim Quah, Md. Sahidur Rahman, Sajjad M. Jasimuddin, Leslie Shaw, Adnan Ozyilmaz

26-06-2019 | Issue 4/2019

Founder non-international experience and venture internationalization

Anne Domurath, Holger Patzelt

10-09-2019 | Issue 4/2019

Immigrant entrepreneurs and their cross-cultural capabilities: A study of Chinese immigrant entrepreneurs in Australia

Kunlin Xu, Judy Drennan, Shane Mathews

02-05-2019 | Issue 4/2019 Open Access

Internal displacement and external migration in a post-conflict economy: Perceptions of institutions among migrant entrepreneurs

Nick Williams, Adnan Efendic

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