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Journal of International Entrepreneurship

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International social ventures: A literature review and guidance for future research

International entrepreneurship has been studied extensively during the past decades. Oviatt’s and McDougall’s (J Int Bus Stud 25:45–64, 1994) framework describing international new ventures (INVs) has been pivotal in developing this research …

31-03-2021 Open Access

International ECOpreneurship: Environmental commitment and international partner selection of Finnish firms from the energy sector

Although numerous scholars recognize that entrepreneurial firms and their environmental innovations play a key role in global environmental progress, the topic of ecopreneurial internationalization has received only scant research attention. This …


Family involvement as influencer on family firm’s growth

This paper analyzes the relationship between family involvement and a firm’s growth. Family businesses present unique features, which make them different from other companies. Therefore, their desire to achieve long-term growth and/or survival …


Personal factors, entrepreneurial intention, and entrepreneurial status: A multinational study in three institutional environments

Based on the person-entrepreneurship fit perspective, this study examines the role of personal factors, including broad personality traits (openness, extraversion, emotional stability, and conscientiousness), narrow traits (risk-taking propensity …


A review of methodological diversity within the domain of international entrepreneurship

Based on a review of articles published from 1990 to 2017, we provide insight into the overall positioning of the international entrepreneurship (IE) literature in terms of methodological issues and diversity. We also explore the impact of …

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About this journal

The Journal of International Entrepreneurship fills the need for a journal dedicated to internationalization issues in the context of entrepreneurship. It offers an outlet for high quality research addressing the opportunities and challenges intrinsic to the field.

Papers published in the journal analyze internationalization, combining theoretical and empirical work. Authors are encouraged to conduct comparative studies and to evaluate competing theories.

The editorial team features experts in international business and experts in entrepreneurship, ensuring that the journal has a balanced and unbiased perspective.

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