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Journal of Iron and Steel Research International

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17-10-2020 | Original Paper

Effects of different alloying elements M (M = Fe, Ni, Mn, Si, Mo, Cu, Y) on Cr2O3 with Cl: a first-principles study

Using the first-principles methods, the effects of different alloying elements M (M = Fe, Ni, Mn, Si, Mo, Cu, Y) on Cr2O3 with Cl adsorption are studied. The results show that the layer distance of all doped models has been widened to different …

12-10-2020 | Original Paper

General heat balance for oxygen steelmaking

Energy balances are a general fundamental approach for analyzing the heat requirements for metallurgical processes. The formulation of heat balance equations was involved by computing the various components of heat going in and coming out of the …

08-10-2020 | Original Paper

Numerical simulation of macrosegregation in continuously cast gear steel 20CrMnTi with final electromagnetic stirring

A 3D/2D hybrid multi-physical-field mathematical model, which takes into consideration the thermosolutal buoyance, was developed to predict the macrosegregation of gear steel 20CrMnTi continuously cast by a curved billet caster with size of 160 …

04-10-2020 | Original Paper

Microstructural change and stress rupture property of Nimonic 105 superalloy for advanced ultra-supercritical power plants

Microstructural change, stress rupture property, deformation and fracture mechanisms of Nimonic 105 superalloy at 750 °C have been studied. Experimental results showed that the stress rupture strength of the alloy at 750 °C for 105 h is about 200 …

04-10-2020 | Original Paper

Effect of microstructure evolution on Lüders strain and tensile properties in an intercritical annealing medium-Mn steel

The influence of microstructural characteristics on Lüders strain and mechanical properties was explored by means of altering thermo-mechanical circumstances in an intercritical annealing (IA) medium-Mn Fe-11Mn-0.09C-0.25Si (wt.%) steel. By IA of …

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Journal of Iron and Steel Research International publishes original papers and occasional invited reviews on aspects of research and technology in the process metallurgy and metallic materials. Coverage emphasizes the relationships among the processing, structure and properties of metals, including advanced steel materials, superalloy, intermetallics, metallic functional materials, powder metallurgy, structural titanium alloy, composite steel materials, high entropy alloy, amorphous alloys, metallic nanomaterials, etc..

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