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Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management

Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management 1/2017

Issue 1/2017

Table of Contents ( 60 Articles )

19-05-2015 | REVIEW | Issue 1/2017

The development of low cost adsorbents from clay and waste materials: a review

W. H. Chan, M. N. Mazlee, Zainal Arifin Ahmad, M. A. M. Ishak, J. B. Shamsul

11-07-2015 | REVIEW | Issue 1/2017

Recycling of carbon fiber-reinforced plastic using supercritical and subcritical fluids

Idzumi Okajima, Takeshi Sako

07-08-2015 | SPECIAL FEATURE: REVIEW | Issue 1/2017 Open Access

Recycling of PVC pipes and fittings in Japan: proactive approach of industry to and its impacts on legal/technical frameworks

Shigetaka Seki, Toshiaki Yoshioka

01-04-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Investigating the length of data collection period with respect to rate constant in the first-order decay model

Hugon Kim, Chunhyun Paik, Yongjoo Chung, Young Jin Kim

04-04-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Sequential production of pyrolytic oil and biodiesel from oil-bearing biomass

Eilhann E. Kwon, Bokseong Kim, Sungpyo Kim

07-04-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Mercury flows in a zinc smelting facility in South Korea

David Chung, Hyo-Hyun Choi, Hye-Young Yoo, Ji-Young Lee, Sun-Kyoung Shin, Jung Min Park, Junbeum Kim

10-04-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Barriers for implementation of “waste to energy” in developing and transition countries: a case study of Serbia

Goran Vujic, Nemanja Stanisavljevic, Bojan Batinic, Zeljka Jurakic, Dejan Ubavin

16-04-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions and economic analysis of alternative treatments of solid waste from city markets in Vietnam

Suehiro Otoma, Ricardo Diaz

16-04-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Pilot study of intense dewatering of urban sewage sludge

Ying Huang, Leilei Yu, Ruihui Wang, Jian Wu, Masaki Takaoka

17-04-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Hydrometallurgical processing of Nd–Fe–B magnets for Nd purification

Ching-Hwa Lee, Hsin-Yi Yen, Ching-Hua Liao, Srinivasa R. Popuri, Elon I. Cadogan, Chuan-Jen Hsu

18-04-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Conversion of dry leaves into hydrochar through hydrothermal carbonization (HTC)

Najam Ul Saqib, Minah Oh, Woori Jo, Seong-Kyu Park, Jai-Young Lee

18-04-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Biodegradation characteristics of organic matters in swine carcasses under different initial operating conditions of simulated anaerobic lysimeter

Jung-Kwang Kim, Sun-Kee Han, Geon-Ha Kim, Ji-Tae Kim, Chae-Young Lee

19-04-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Influence of MSWI bottom ash used as unbound granular material on the corrosion behaviour of reinforced concrete

R. del Valle-Zermeño, E. Medina, J. M. Chimenos, J. Formosa, I. Llorente, D. M. Bastidas

22-04-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Preparation of biochar catalyst with saccharide and lignocellulose residues of corncob degradation for corncob hydrolysis into furfural

Qing-yan Liu, Fang Yang, Xiao-feng Sun, Zhi-hua Liu, Gang Li

22-04-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Life cycle assessment and valuation of the packaging waste recycling system in Belgium

S. Ferreira, M. Cabral, Simon De Jaeger, Nuno F. Da Cruz, P. Simões, R. C. Marques

25-04-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Electro-dissolution of metal scrap anodes for nickel ion removal from metal finishing effluent

A. Vignesh, Arun. S. Siddarth, B. Ramesh Babu

05-05-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Waste rechargeable electric lamps: characterisation and recovery of lead from their lead-acid batteries

Mary B. Ogundiran, Tordue G. Buluku, Joshua O. Babayemi, Oladele Osibanjo

13-05-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Investigations on enhanced in situ bioxidation of methane from landfill gas (LFG) in a lab-scale model

D. N. K. Nair, E. J. Zachariah, P. Vinod

15-05-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Valorization of fish by-products: rheological, textural and microstructural properties of mackerel skin gelatins

Zied Khiari, Daniel Rico, Ana Belen Martin-Diana, Catherine Barry-Ryan

17-05-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Evaluation of waste slags produced by zinc industry in bituminous hot mixtures

Bekir Aktaş, Selim Bozdemir

27-05-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Community-based solid waste bank program for municipal solid waste management improvement in Indonesia: a case study of Padang city

Slamet Raharjo, Toru Matsumoto, Taufiq Ihsan, Indriyani Rachman, Luciana Gustin

10-06-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Preparation of sludge-derived KOH-activated carbon for crude glycerol purification

Mali Hunsom, Chaowat Autthanit

24-06-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Speciation of the radioactive nuclides in incinerator fly ash of municipal solid waste using sequential extractions

Yuki Iwahana, Atsushi Ohbuchi, Yuya Koike, Masaru Kitano, Toshihiro Nakamura

01-07-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Biogas productivity of algal residues from bioethanol production

Kwanyong Lee, Phromphol Chantrasakdakul, Daegi Kim, Jin-Seog Kim, Ki Young Park

02-07-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Pb-Laden CRT glass as classifying hazardous waste definition or exemption in landfill disposal in China

Hefeng Gao, Yufei Yang, Qifei Huang, Qi Wang

02-07-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Bioleaching of copper from metal concentrates of waste printed circuit boards by a newly isolated Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans strain Z1

Chong Yang, Nengwu Zhu, Weihang Shen, Ting Zhang, Pingxiao Wu

02-07-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Regeneration performance of spent granular activated carbon for tertiary treatment of dyeing wastewater by Fenton reagent and hydrogen peroxide

Quanyuan Chen, Huanhuan Liu, Zaifu Yang, Dejun Tan

16-07-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Management of household waste in sanitary landfill of Mostaganem district (Western Algeria)

I. S. Abdelli, M. Asnoune, Z. Arab, F. Abdelmalek, A. Addou

16-07-2015 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Thermal decomposition of tetrabromobisphenol-A containing printed circuit boards in the presence of calcium hydroxide

Shogo Kumagai, Guido Grause, Tomohito Kameda, Toshiaki Yoshioka

17-07-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Leaching characteristics of the fine fraction from an excavated landfill: physico-chemical characterization

Fabio Kaczala, Mohammad Hadi Mehdinejad, Allar Lääne, Kaja Orupõld, Amit Bhatnagar, Mait Kriipsalu, William Hogland

29-07-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Utilization of coal bottom ash to improve thermal insulation of construction material

Pincha Torkittikul, Thanongsak Nochaiya, Watcharapong Wongkeo, Arnon Chaipanich

11-08-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Radon diffusion and exhalation from mortar modified with fly ash: waste utilization and benefits in construction

Amit Kumar, R. P. Chauhan

21-08-2015 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Efficient depolymerization and chemical conversion of polyamide 66 to 1,6-hexanediol

Hiroshi Matsumoto, Yugo Akinari, Kouji Kaiso, Akio Kamimura

29-08-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Anaerobic digestion combined pyrolysis for paper mill sludge disposal and its influence on char characteristics

Xue-Ding Song, De-Zhen Chen, Jian Zhang, Xiao-Hu Dai, Yong-Yi Qi

29-08-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Nature and extent of unauthorized waste dump sites in and around Bangalore city

H. N. Chanakya, Shwetmala, T. V. Ramachandra

01-09-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Healthcare waste management in Botswana: storage, collection, treatment and disposal system

Daniel Mmereki, Andrew Baldwin, Baizhan Li, Meng Liu

01-09-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Characterization and quantification of solid waste generation in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria: a case study of Ogbe-Ijoh community in Delta State

I. H. Owamah, O. C. Izinyon, P. Igbinewekan

03-09-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Hydro-thermal reaction according to the CaO/SiO2 mole-ratio in silico-manganese slag

Sunmi Choi, Jinman Kim, Sangyoon Oh, Dongyeop Han

21-09-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

The impact of the policy of municipal solid waste source-separated collection on waste reduction: a case study of China

Hongyun Han, Zhijian Zhang

22-09-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

High CO2 adsorption on improved ZSM-5 zeolite porous structure modified with ethylenediamine and desorption characteristics with microwave

Amin Kalantarifard, Amin Ghavaminejad, Go Su Yang

28-09-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Preliminary assessment of cement kiln dust in solidification and stabilization of mercury containing waste from a chlor-alkali unit

Edwin Safari, Maryam Ansari, Fereydoun Ghazban

05-10-2015 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Leachate direct-discharge limits and incentives related to landfill aftercare costs

Markku Pelkonen, Yu Wang

06-10-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Bio-oil production from pyrolysis of waste sawdust with catalyst ZSM-5

Eunjung Kim, Hyungbae Gil, Sangwon Park, Jinwon Park

08-10-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Analysis of environmental impacts of burial sites

Mi Hyung Kim, Geonha Kim

22-10-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Mechanism of hydrogen sulfide generation from a composite waste landfill site: a case study of the ‘Sudokwon Landfill Site’, Korea

Seung-Kyu Chun

06-11-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Stepwise reduction kinetics of iron-based oxygen carriers by CO/CO2 mixture gases for chemical looping hydrogen generation

Jie Zhu, Wei Wang, Songjian Lian, Xiuning Hua, Zhou Xia

09-11-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Evaluation of biotechnological processes to obtain ethanol from recycled paper sludge

Bruna Grosch Schroeder, Patrícia Raquel Silva Zanoni, Washington Luiz Esteves Magalhães, Fabricio Augusto Hansel, Lorena Benathar Ballod Tavares

01-12-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Effect of organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW)-based biochar on organic carbon mineralization in a dry land soil

Guotao Liu, Mengpei Xie, Shangyi Zhang

08-12-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Melting characteristics during the vitrification of MSW incinerator fly ash by swirling melting treatment

Xuetao Wang, Baosheng Jin, Bin Xu, Weijuan Lan, Chengrui Qu

11-12-2015 | SPECIAL FEATURE: ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Optimization of bio-drying of kitchen waste: inoculation, initial moisture content and bulking agents

Xiao Song, Jiao Ma, Jiandong Gao, Yanbo Liu, Yongce Hao, Wei Li, Ruhai Hu, Aimin Li, Lei Zhang

14-12-2015 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2017

Comparative assessment on greenhouse gas emissions of end-of-life vehicles recycling methods

Katsuyuki Nakano, Naoki Shibahara

17-07-2015 | REGIONAL CASE STUDY | Issue 1/2017

Maturity levels of material cycles and waste management in a context of green supply chain management: an innovative framework and its application to Brazilian cases

Marco Antonio Ferreira, Charbel Jose Chiappetta Jabbour, Ana Beatriz Lopes de Sousa Jabbour

17-10-2015 | REGIONAL CASE STUDY | Issue 1/2017

Community activities in residential solid waste reduction in Tenggilis Mejoyo District, Surabaya City, Indonesia

Yulinah Trihadiningrum, Intan J. Laksono, Yeny Dhokhikah, Atiek Moesriati, Deqi Rizkivia Radita, Sony Sunaryo

07-12-2015 | REGIONAL CASE STUDY | Issue 1/2017

An overview of electronic waste recycling in Vietnam

Huynh Trung Hai, Ha Vinh Hung, Nguyen Duc Quang

18-04-2015 | NOTE | Issue 1/2017

Life cycle assessment of bio-sludge for disposal with different alternative waste management scenarios: a case study of an olefin factory in Thailand

Parnuwat Usapein, Orathai Chavalparit

25-06-2015 | NOTE | Issue 1/2017

Municipal food waste management in Singapore: practices, challenges and recommendations

Bernard Jia Han Ng, Yu Mao, Chia-Lung Chen, Rajinikanth Rajagopal, Jing-Yuan Wang

24-07-2015 | NOTE | Issue 1/2017

Removal of ammonia using Ca-P (calcium polymer) from wastewaters produced in the recycling of disposable diapers

Francesca Girotto, Yasushi Matsufuji, Ayako Tanaka

02-09-2015 | NOTE | Issue 1/2017

End of life tyre management: Turkey case

Bağdagül Karaağaç, Merve Ercan Kalkan, Veli Deniz

18-09-2015 | SPECIAL FEATURE: NOTE | Issue 1/2017

Role of ferric oxide in abiotic humification enhancement of organic matter

Yingchao Zhang, Dongbei Yue, Xufei Lu, Kaiyun Zhao, Hong Ma

03-11-2015 | NOTE | Issue 1/2017

Seasonal variations in organic materials and calorific values of Japanese cedar and cypress leaves

Shin-ichiro Yokoyama, Yoshitomi Adachi

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