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Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management

Journal of Material Cycles and Waste Management 1/2018

Issue 1/2018

Table of Contents ( 70 Articles )

28-11-2016 | REVIEW | Issue 1/2018

A short review on hydrothermal liquefaction of livestock manure and a chance for Korea to advance swine manure to bio-oil technology

Mohammad Nazrul Islam, Jeong-Hun Park

20-12-2016 | REVIEW | Issue 1/2018

A bibliometric analysis of biodiesel research during 1991–2015

Min Zhang, Zhen Gao, Tianlong Zheng, Yingqun Ma, Qunhui Wang, Ming Gao, Xiaohong Sun

16-09-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Life cycle assessment of solid refuse fuel production from MSW in Korea

Sora Yi, Yong-Chul Jang

21-09-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Industrial solid waste management through the application of multi-criteria decision-making analysis: a case study of Shamsabad industrial complexes

Dariush Nouri, M. R. Sabour, M. GhanbarzadehLak

03-10-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Examination of the influence of dissolved halite (NaCl) on the leaching of lead (Pb) from cement-based solidified wastes

Constantin Bobirică, David T. Long, Matthew J. Parsons, Rodica Stănescu, Thomas C. Voice

29-09-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Preparation, sintering behavior, and expansion performance of ceramsite filter media from dewatered sewage sludge, coal fly ash, and river sediment

Tianpeng Li, Tingting Sun, Dengxin Li

06-10-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and halogenated flame retardants (HFRs) in multi-matrices from an electronic waste (e-waste) recycling site in Northern China

Wen-Jun Hong, Hongliang Jia, Yongsheng Ding, Wen-Long Li, Yi-Fan Li

27-09-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Processing plastics from ASR/ESR waste: separation of poly vinyl chloride (PVC) by froth flotation after microwave-assisted surface modification

Srinivasa Reddy Mallampati, Chi-Hyeon Lee, Min Hee Park, Byeong-Kyu Lee

05-10-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Effect of technology development on potential environmental impacts from heavy metals in waste smartphones

Palle Paul Mejame Mejame, Young Mo Kim, Dae Sung Lee, Seong-Rin Lim

04-10-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018 Open Access

Analysis of recycling structures for e-waste in Vietnam

Chung Duc Tran, Stefan Petrus Salhofer

05-10-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Characterizations of temperature effects on sintered ceramics manufactured with waste foundry sand and clay

Deng-Fong Lin, Huan-Lin Luo, Jyung-Dong Lin, Mei-Ling Zhuang

22-10-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Investigation on thermal dechlorination and catalytic pyrolysis in a continuous process for liquid fuel recovery from mixed plastic wastes

Junxi Lei, Guoan Yuan, Piyarat Weerachanchai, Shao Wee Lee, Kaixin Li, Jing-Yuan Wang, Yanhui Yang

17-10-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Effect of substrate feeding frequencies on the methane production and microbial communities of laboratory-scale anaerobic digestion reactors

Zheng Hua Piao, Jongkeun Lee, Jae Young Kim

14-11-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Hydrometallurgical recycling of cobalt from zinc plants residue

Pedram Ashtari, Parviz Pourghahramani

01-11-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Development of nutrient cycle through agricultural activities of a rural area in the North of Vietnam

Do Thu Nga, Ta Thi Thao, Vu Van Tu, Pham Duc Phuc, Hung Nguyen-Viet

04-11-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Analysis of branched-chain fatty acids in humic substances as indices for compost maturity by pyrolysis–gas chromatography/mass spectrometry with tetramethylammonium hydroxide (TMAH-py–GC/MS)

Masami Fukushima, Xuefei Tu, Apichaya Aneksampant, Atsushi Tanaka

14-11-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Effects of acclimated sludge used as seeding material in the start-up of anaerobic digestion of glycerol

Juan Vásquez, Kiyohiko Nakasaki

30-11-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Sb release characteristics of the solid waste produced in antimony mining smelting process

Bozhi Ren, Yalin Zhou, Hongpu Ma, Renjian Deng, Peng Zhang, Baolin Hou

28-11-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Distribution of inorganic bromine and metals during co-combustion of polycarbonate (BrPC) and high-impact polystyrene (BrHIPS) wastes containing brominated flame retardants (BFRs) with metallurgical dust

Mariusz Grabda, Sylwia Oleszek, Etsuro Shibata, Takashi Nakamura

30-11-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Evaluation of thermally treated asbestos based on fiber number concentration determined by transmission electron microscopy

Takashi Yamamoto, Akiko Kida, Yukio Noma, Atsushi Terazono, Shin-ichi Sakai

08-12-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Adoption of post-disaster waste management plan into disaster management guidelines for Malaysia

E. M. A. Zawawi, Nor Syazwani Yusof, Zulhabri Ismail

07-12-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Evaluation of the physiology of miniature pig fed Shochu distillery waste using mRNA expression profiling

Shiori Miura, Junko Takahashi, Hitoshi Iwahashi

19-12-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Influence factors of determining optimal organic solvents for swelling cured brominated epoxy resins to delaminate waste printed circuit boards

P. Zhu, Y. Z. Yang, Y. Chen, G. R. Qian, Q. Liu

19-12-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Decomposition analyses of the municipal waste generation and management in Croatian and Slovenian regions

P. Korica, Đ. Požgaj, A. Cirman, A. Žgajnar Gotvajn

21-12-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018 Open Access

A case study for a cost-benefit-based, stepwise optimization of thermo-chemical WAS pre-treatment for anaerobic digestion

Magdalena Nagler, Peter Aichinger, Martin Kuprian, Thomas Pümpel, Heribert Insam, Christian Ebner

21-12-2016 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Performance of maize plant reconstruction and storage nutrient mobilization induced by liquid phase of anaerobically digested pig manure

Yidi Wang, Wei Li, Feng Wang, Shan Liu, Wei Wang

11-02-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Study of anaerobic co-digestion on wastewater treatment sludge and food waste leachate using BMP test

Youngsam Yoon, Suyoung Lee, KiHeon Kim, Taewan Jeon, Sunkyoung Shin

11-03-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Recovery of ammonium ion as struvite from flue gas scrubbing wastewater

Shanti Thapa, Tae Young Ha, Heonsuk Lee, Adedeji A. Adelodun, Jo Young Min

03-03-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

A comparative study on characteristic of locally source-separated and mixed MSW in Bangkok with possibility of material recycling

Chinnathan Areeprasert, Jeerattikul Kaharn, Bundit Inseemeesak, Phatavee Phasee, Chanoknunt Khaobang, Apichaya Kuhavichanun, Patcharanan Theerarojprateep, Wichai Siwakosit

24-01-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Feasibility study of a centralized biogas plant performance in a dairy farming area

Yoshiteru Takeuchi, Fetra J. Andriamanohiarisoamanana, Seiichi Yasui, Masahiro Iwasaki, Takehiro Nishida, Ikko Ihara, Kazutaka Umetsu

07-02-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Size distribution and metal composition of airborne particles in a waste management facility

Eleftheria Chalvatzaki, Ilias Kopanakis, Mihalis Lazaridis

06-02-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Anaerobic co-digestion of hydrolysate from alkali pre-treated oil palm empty fruit bunches with biodiesel waste glycerol

Orathai Chavalparit, Setta Sasananan, Pratin Kullavanijaya, Chalermchon Charoenwuttichai

08-03-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

The choice of system boundaries for effective long-term management of phosphorus

Demet Seyhan, Paul H. Brunner

01-03-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Identification of microbial populations contributing to nitrification-associated nitrous oxide emission during cattle manure composting process with forced aeration

Daisuke Inoue, Kazuko Sawada, Hirofumi Tsutsui, Taku Fujiwara

28-02-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Heat-treatment recycling of waste toner and its applications in lithium ion batteries

Yang Li, Jiqing Mao, Huaqing Xie, Jing Li

21-02-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Development of combined plant of biogas and bio solid-refuse-fuel from swine manure slurry

Yeon Seok Choi, Sang Kyu Choi, Seock Joon Kim, So Young Han, Du Su Jung, Tae Han Yoon, Ramesh Soysa

18-02-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

A study on recovery of SiC from silicon wafer cutting slurry

Wei-Hao Lee, Chih-Wei Hsu, Yung-Chin Ding, Ta-Wui Cheng

24-02-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Thermodynamic analysis of metals recycling out of waste printed circuit board through secondary copper smelting

Maryam Ghodrat, Muhammad Akbar Rhamdhani, Abdul Khaliq, Geoffrey Brooks, Bijan Samali

02-03-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Potential resources of post-consumer wood waste in Poland

Ewa Ratajczak, Aleksandra Szostak, Gabriela Bidzińska, Magdalena Herbeć

22-02-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Degradation of pet copolyesters under real and laboratory composting conditions

Magdalena Vaverková, Dana Adamcová, Lenka Kotrchová, Jan Merna, Soňa Hermanová

16-03-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Centrifugal dewatering of blended sludge from drinking water treatment plant and wastewater treatment plant

Ailan Yan, Jun Li, Liu Liu, Ting Ma, Jun Liu, Yongjiong Ni

02-03-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Evaluation by year of the valuable/hazardous material content of lithium-ion secondary battery cells and other components of notebook computer battery packs

Shunsuke Kuzuhara, Yuta Akimoto, Kazu Shibata, Masahiro Oguchi, Atsushi Terazono

20-04-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Alkaline hydrolysis of PVC-coated PET fibers for simultaneous recycling of PET and PVC

Shogo Kumagai, Suguru Hirahashi, Guido Grause, Tomohito Kameda, Hiroshi Toyoda, Toshiaki Yoshioka

03-03-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Analyzing material flow in Alborz industrial estate, Ghazvin, Iran

Hossein Vahidi, Hassan Hoveidi, Javad Kazemzadeh Khoie, Hossein Nematollahi, Ramezan Heydari

16-03-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Classification and management of kitchen waste: disposals and proposals in Chaoyang district, Beijing, China

Yaya Wang, Bing Zang, Yu Liu, Guoxue Li

05-04-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Studies on thermo-chemical treatment of recycled concrete fine aggregates for use in concrete

G. Santha Kumar, A. K. Minocha

17-03-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Effect of ultrasonic pretreatment on secondary sludge and anaerobic biomass to enhance biogas production

Palanisamy Divyalakshmi, Devaraj Murugan, Meenatchisundaram Sivarajan, Arumugam Sivasamy, Palanivel Saravanan, Chockalingam Lajapathi Rai

17-03-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Synthesis and characterization of zeolites NaA and NaX from coal gangue

Jianlong Chen, Xinwei Lu

29-03-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Crab and prawn shell utilization as a source of bio-based thermoplastics through graft polymerization with acrylate monomers

Enqi Jin, Manli Li, Shan Zhou

11-04-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Investigating utility level of waste disposal methods using multicriteria decision-making techniques (case study: Mazandaran-Iran)

Fereshteh Mirzazadeh, Farhad Hadinejad, Narges Akbarpour Roshan

27-04-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

High-rate anaerobic digestion of thermally hydrolyzed wasted sludge (THWS) with high-strength ammonia

Seyong Park, Seong Kuk Han, Dooyoung Oh, Daegi Kim, Ho Kim, Young-Man Yoon

25-04-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Effect of cyclic loading on the compressive strength of soil stabilized with bassanite–tire mixture

Aly Ahmed, M. Hesham El Naggar

25-04-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Nitrogen flow assessment in rapidly urbanizing Hai Duong province, downstream of Cau River Basin, Vietnam

Thao Thi Ta, Duc Anh Trinh, Nga Thu Do

26-04-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Combustion behaviors of wasted plastics coated around electric cables in electrically heated drop tube furnaces

Yoko Nunome, Hiroshi Matsumoto, Ivan Nedjalkov, Yasuaki Ueki, Ryo Yoshiie, Ichiro Naruse

29-04-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Acute toxicity tests using earthworms to estimate ecological quality of compost and digestate

Alberto Pivato, Maria Cristina Lavagnolo, Barbara Manachini, Roberto Raga, Giovanni Beggio, Stefano Vanin

02-05-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Modelling and evaluation of anaerobic digestion process of tomato processing wastes for biogas generation

Mohsen Saghouri, Yaghoob Mansoori, Abbas Rohani, Mohammad Hossein Haddad Khodaparast, Mohammad Javad Sheikhdavoodi

04-05-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Degradation of anhydride-cured epoxy resin using simultaneously recyclable solvent and organic base catalyst

Lipeng Zhang, Jie Liu, Weidong Nie, Kai Wang, Yanhui Wang, Xiuyun Yang, Tao Tang

18-05-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Alternative route for the recovery of nitrogen as ammonium phosphate crystals from high strength waste streams

Dandan Dong, Oh Kyung Choi, Kwanhyoung Lee, Yongsuk Hong, Jae Woo Lee

19-05-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Removal of phthalic acid diesters through a municipal solid waste landfill leachate treatment process

Chengran Fang, Yixuan Chu, Lanhui Jiang, Hua Wang, Yuyang Long, Dongsheng Shen

22-05-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Formulation of mortars based on thermally treated sediments

Mahfoud Benzerzour, Walid Maherzi, Mouhamadou. A. A. Amar, Nor-Edine Abriak, Denis Damidot

31-05-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Characteristics of heavy metals leaching from MSWI fly ashes in sequential scrubbing processes

Ke Yin, Peizhen Li, Wei Ping Chan, Xiaomin Dou, Jing-Yuan Wang

02-06-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Analysis of carbon fines obtained from the off-gas dust of calcium carbide furnace

Zhengke Li, Weize Wu, Xiaojin Guo, Qingya Liu, Zhenyu Liu

30-05-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Thermal decomposition characteristics of mercury compounds in industrial sludge with high sulfur content

Seung-Ki Back, Dhruba Bhatta, Seong-Heon Kim, Ha-Na Jang, Jeong-Hun Kim, Ki-Heon Kim, Young-Ran Kim, Yong-Chil Seo

10-07-2017 | ORIGINAL ARTICLE | Issue 1/2018

Analytical study of power generation efficiency of WtE systems operating in Tokyo special ward district

Yasuo Shino

20-12-2016 | REGIONAL CASE STUDY | Issue 1/2018

Waste management assessment in Geneva through material system and resource analysis

Francis C. Bergeron

06-04-2017 | REGIONAL CASE STUDY | Issue 1/2018

Electronic waste and informal recycling in Kathmandu, Nepal: challenges and opportunities

Keshav Parajuly, Khim B. Thapa, Ciprian Cimpan, Henrik Wenzel

11-04-2017 | REGIONAL CASE STUDY | Issue 1/2018

The development and prospects of the waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling system in Taiwan

Chii-Pwu Cheng, Tien-Chin Chang

17-04-2017 | REGIONAL CASE STUDY | Issue 1/2018

Physico-chemical characterization of municipal solid waste from Tricity region of Northern India: a case study

Rishi Rana, Rajiv Ganguly, Ashok Kumar Gupta

08-10-2016 | NOTE | Issue 1/2018

Removal of cyclic volatile methylsiloxanes in effluents from treated landfill leachate by electrochemical oxidation

Chunhui Zhang, Minying Jin, Jiawei Tang, Xiangyu Gao

29-04-2017 | NOTE | Issue 1/2018

The broad spectrum of possibilities for spent coffee grounds valorisation

Francesca Girotto, Alberto Pivato, Raffaello Cossu, George Elambo Nkeng, Maria Cristina Lavagnolo

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